20+ Download Cool BUSSID Tunggal Jaya Livery

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There are a number of BUSSID Tunggal Jaya Livery in the game Indonesian Bus Simulator (BUSSID). This livery has many color and motif variants.

Tunggal Jaya is one of the most popular buses in Indonesia. This bus comes from the Otobus (PO) company with Inter-City Inter-Provincial (AKAP) routes to the islands of Indonesia.

Maybe you have seen this bus with an attractive appearance accompanied by a name on the front.

This bus livery is also in the BUSSID game and can be used. This time we will provide a download link for this bus.

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Livery BUSSID Tunggal Jaya

Tunggal Jaya bussid livery (1)
BUSSID Tunggal Jaya (Source: Facebook)

Please note first that the BUSSID Livery is a PNG image file which aims to change the appearance of vehicles in the BUSSID game such as buses, motorbikes, trucks, cars and others.

It should also be noted that the use of this Livery must be appropriate to the type of vehicle. However, usually this Livery is mostly used on BUSSID Buses.

The livery used by BUSSID players varies. One of them is the Tunggal Jaya Bus Livery.

This livery is often used because its appearance makes the bus even cooler.

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Livery download link

Tunggal Jaya bussid livery (4)
BUSSID Tunggal Jaya (Source: NgeRank)

According to itcoding, tech side, and mediarale, here is a list of Tunggal Jaya Livery that you can use, namely as follows:

  1. Tunggal Jaya Neptune HD Livery: download here.
  2. Tunggal Jaya Saturn SHD Livery: download here.
  3. Tunggal Jaya Uranus SHD Livery: download here.
  4. Tunggal Jaya Jupiter SHD Livery: download here.
  5. Tunggal Jaya Venus SHD Livery: download here.
  6. Tunggal Jaya Moon Eyes Livery: download here.
  7. Livery Tunggal Jaya Blackpink SHD: Download here.
  8. Tunggal Jaya One Piece Livery: download here.
  9. Livery Tunggal Jaya Ori Deep Purple JB2: download here.
  10. Tunggal Jaya Deep Purple Srikandi SHD Livery: download here.
  11. Tunggal Jaya Srikandi Livery: download here.
  12. Tunggal Jaya Bentas Livery: download here.
  13. Tunggal Jaya Armageddon Srikandi SHD Livery: download here.
  14. Tunggal Jaya Submarine Livery: download here.
  15. Tunggal Jaya Space Srikandi SHD Livery: download here.
  16. Tunggal Jaya Saturn Livery: download here.
  17. Tunggal Jaya Saturn Reborn Livery: download here.
  18. Tunggal Jaya Moon Eyes Srikandi Livery: download here.
  19. Tunggal Jaya Kids Panda Livery: download here.
  20. Livery Tunggal Jaya Jupiter Srikandi: download here.
  21. Tunggal Jaya Red Velvet Mod + Livery: download here.
  22. Tunggal Jaya Green Earth Livery: download here.
  23. Tunggal Jaya The Elmo Livery: download here.
  24. Tunggal Jaya Livery Revamped JB3 XHD: download here.
  25. Tunggal Jaya Voyager Venus Livery: download here.
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How to Install Livery

Tunggal Jaya bussid livery (3)
BUSSID Tunggal Jaya (Source: ID Player)

Below is how to install the BUSSID Tunggal Jaya Livery, namely as follows:

  • Downloads BUSSID Tunggal Jaya Livery;
  • Open FileManager;
  • Move The folder/file to Folder “BUSSID”;
  • Click games Bus Simulator Indonesia (BUSSID);
  • Select Garage;
  • Choose Livery File;
  • Click File Manager BUSSID;
  • Click Pictures;
  • Click options BUSSID;
  • Select the Tunggal Jaya Livery what you want to use;
  • Select files PNG Livery for you to use;
  • Click Open;
  • Done.
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