Valorant for Console Platforms, When Will it Release?

Valorant for console platforms has been eagerly awaited by the console gamer community. The following is the prototype process and the release date.
Valorant Console

Valorant is FPS games for very popular PCs and laptops. Therefore, many gamers from the console gaming community want to play Valorant on their favorite console.

This time, VCGamers will discuss the news regarding the presence of Valorant and the game's release date for console platforms. Curious when this FPS game from Riot Games will be released for consoles? Come on, see the discussion below!

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Valorant for PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch

Console Valorant rumors
Valorant wallpapers. Source: Dexerto

Riot Games as the developer of Valorant has focused on improving all aspects of the game to enhance the players' playing experience.

This time, they are reported to be developing Valorant for consoles. Of course, this news has been eagerly awaited by gamers who only play on consoles.

After Riot Games successfully released Valorant for laptops and PCs, they have plans to release a console version of Valorant. Of course, this requires a lot of time and effort.

Not only is it rumored to be releasing a console version, Riot Games has also developed this FPS shooter game for mobile.

As a very popular FPS game today, Riot Games certainly wants to expand to a wider community of gamers. After mobile development, they wanted to develop Valorant for console gamers.

consoles that are rumored to be able to play FPS games from Riot are the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and also the Xbox series, namely the Xbox Series X/S.

Of course, this news is supported by several factors. One of them, there is an opening for Game Design Manager position for Valorant console below.

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Game Design Manager position for Valorant – Console

Game Designer Manager position
Game Designer Manager Position Vacancy. Source: Grid Games

According to Grid Games, the news of this expansion comes from the spread of job vacancies for the position of Game Design Manager Valorant for console platforms.

This scattered document means that Riot Games is looking for the best position to bring Valorant to console platforms. Game Design Manager position must have experience in the field game development console.

This position will focus on developing Valorant for console platforms, improving features, modes, and systems that will be implemented.

Apart from that, they also have to bring Valorant as a product to the market and the console gamer community. In conclusion, the opening of the Game Design manager position for this console reinforces the news that this FPS game from Riot will be coming to consoles.

After learning about this position for Game Designer, we can speculate that Riot Games wants to expand. The biggest question arises, when will Valorant be coming to consoles? Come on, see the discussion of the release date below!

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Release and Development Dates

Valorant Console Release Date
Valorant wallpapers. Source: UHD Wallpapers

Riot Games has yet to announce the exact date for the release of Valorant for consoles. Therefore, there is no Valorant release date for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch yet.

However, the absence of an announcement is not bad news. Seeing the Game Designer job vacancies for consoles, Riot Games is most likely in development.

Not only that, The Loadout also revealed that there was an interview regarding the development of Valorant to the console platform. The interview was conducted by GameSpot with Riot executive producer Anna Donlon.

With the interview, Anna Donlon from Riot Games said that they were prototyping a port for consoles.

Games that are present for PCs and consoles certainly have several different elements. As such, it's likely that there will be elements of Valorant that don't translate to consoles.

Earlier this year, Riot Games partnered with Microsoft on the inclusion of Valorant on Xbox Games Pass. Having Valorant on Xbox Games Pass has advantages for Xbox Games Pass users.

The advantage is that they can get all agent if combining your Valorant account with your Xbox Games Pass account.

Besides that, Grid Games also said that Riot Games has been in communication with Sony regarding the entry of Valorant to PlayStation.

Thus the discussion regarding the news and release date of Valorant for consoles, hope this is useful!

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