The 3 Best Maps in Valorant, Pro Player's Choice!

Valorant's Best Map.

Valorant has now released eight maps that you can play. However, out of these eight maps, there are three of the best and most favorite maps in Valorant. Some of them are even signature map pro players!

Curious about the map? Check out the summary below!

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Maps in Valorant

Valorant's Best Map.
Eight Maps in Valorant.

As the writer has said, there are eight maps that have been published by Riot Games for Valorant. These maps are Ascent, Bind, Breeze, Fracture, Haven, Icebox, Pearl, and Split.

To optimize the game, Riot Games temporarily “got rid of “Split Map from Unranked and Ranked due to Bugs. The issue is, Split will only be back in 2023.

These conditions make the players have to focus on the other seven maps. But, do you know which map is the best map in Valorant?

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The 3 Best Maps in Valorant

Of the seven active maps, the authors have chosen the three best maps in Valorant. The author's consideration comes from research results, experience, and other supporting data.

There are three criteria that the writer finds to call a map a balance. The three criteria are not being too far or wide, having good hiding places, and benefiting both teams.

What are you curious about? Here it is!

#1 – Ascent

Valorant's Best Map.
Ascent, the Best Map in Valorant.

Map Ascent or “Map of a Million People” is the most favorite map in Valorant. How not, based on research results from VCT 2022, Ascent is the most chosen map!

For information, Ascent is a city located in Venice, Italy. The Ascent earned its nickname because it was "raised, raised" into the air. One of the Esports teams that uses Ascent as their signature map is LOUD.

There are several reasons why Ascent is the best map. First is Ascent being the most balanced Map of all games. Starting from the location, angle, to this signature map – Doors.

In the Ascent map, there are very few obstacles that you can take advantage of for off-angles. Then, Doors from both sites are very strategic for Attackers or Defenders.

The second reason, according to some research, Map Ascent is a good place for you to train Aim. The reason is, on this map, especially Site B, you will feel the sensation of playing FPS indeed.

Not that other maps aren't like this, but in that place, the ability to lineups can't help too much. It's no wonder Site B is used by Riot for planting bombs during practice.

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#2 – Bind

Bind, The Best Map in Valorant.

The next best map in Valorant is Bind. With the theme of the desert in Morocco, Bind is one of the maps that many players are interested in and is the team's Signature Map OpTic.

Some might disagree, especially the tower location in Site A which is very profitable for Defenders. But if you look at the structure again, it can actually be balanced.

If you are Attackers in Site A, after you dodge the Tower, you can get the Lamp area. This location is very strategic for Attackers because it is close to Spike and can also cut off the Defenders' path.

Or at Site B, Attackers can take advantage Hookahs or Long to keep an eye on Spike. But before that, they had to be wary of the Defenders from the Hall, Elbow, to the Backsite.

Lastly, what's interesting about Bind is Teleport – Signature Map Bind. Teleport is very profitable for both teams. If Attackers use it for rotation, Defenders can use it to attack.

If 1 on 1, teleport is very useful for Attackers for rotation. By using teleport, you can be 3-10 seconds faster than enemies running towards your place!

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#3 – Haven, The Best Valorant Map

Haven, The Best Map in Valorant.

Last is Map Haven which took the idea from the city of Thimpu, Bhutan. Haven is in third place because in terms of places, Haven is quite difficult but still balanced.

If all maps have signatures such as doors, teleports, ropes, Haven has something more interesting. It has three sites!

Not just sites, but Riot has made this map very good. Both Defenders and Attackers have a strategic position.

From the Defender side, if divided equally (1 Long A, 1 Sewer, 1 Site B, 1 Garage, and 1 Long C), Defenders can see all enemy movements!

It seems very unfair at first. For Attackers, it becomes an opportunity. By looking at the enemy's position, they can very easily rotate and look for gaps where the enemy is not watching.

On this map, a Controllers very much needed. The reason is that by covering the enemy's view, their chokepoints get bigger.

Take for example when you become Attackers in Site A. All you need is to put Smoke in heaven and the entrance to Site A only. After that, you can plant Spike and start choosing which corner you will occupy. Vice versa.

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Valorant's Best Map Conclusion

The map above is the best map in Valorant chosen by the author. Actually there are still Fracture and Icebox which are quite good, but after considering several things and the criteria above, the writer chose these three maps.

Do you agree with the author's choice? If not, try writing in the comments about which map should be the best and why.

So, which map do you prefer?

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