Recommended Character Shielder Genshin Impact Besides Zhongli

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Character shielder Genshin Impact may have lost a bit of users because players feel they don't really need them anymore. 

Shields or shield in the early days Genshin Impact released highly regarded overpowered for being able to keep the character from being hit damage at all.

Many players want Zhongli, the only character shielder Genshin Impact 5 stars at the time this article was written.

Many enemies after updates Many of the newest Genshin Impact actually don't work anymore shields, like weekly boss new Raiden Shogun, rifthounds or shadowy husk

Rifthounds which gives corrosion which can reduce the character's HP even after using it shields.

But by using shields you will stay protected from physical damage so that your HP can still survive. Hence the use shields you still really need to protect the character.

Recommended Character Shielder Genshin Impact 4 Stars

Zhongli is undeniably into character shielder The best Genshin Impact and the only 5 star capable of delivering shields when this article was written.

Ability shields Zhongli is very good with build The easy one. Besides earning shield, Zhongli was also able to give effect petrification which freezes enemies and degrades elementals RES.

For those of you who haven't had the chance to get Zhongli, you don't need to worry. You can also use several 4-star characters as shielder

The following is a 4 star recommendation that you can use as a character shielder Genshin Impact that you can use on your team to replace Zhongli on your team:

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character shielder genshin impact noelle
Shield Noelle

Noelle is probably one of the characters shielder Genshin Impact is the easiest to get and owned by all players.

When you first play there will be banners Beginner Wish where you will get Noelle.

Shields what Noelle produces is quite formidable. In addition, this character is a multifunctional character.

Noelle you can make shielder for producing a shield. Noelle has abilities healing also when you use elemental burst. 

Also, since Noelle's element is Geo, you can get shields addition to the reaction crystallize of Geo and other elements.

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character shielder genshin impact beidou
Shield Beidou

Out of all of Genshin Impact's shielder characters, Beidou is the only Electro user. 

User claymore it has shields which is quite okay to protect the character. In addition, Beidou has gameplay which are fun.

Beidou is famous for using techniques counters where to use elemental skills. The counter will return damage that the enemy gave Beidou a big hand damage the same one.

This Beidou elemental skill when you press (hold) long will produce shields. When your Beidou has arrived constellations 1, you will also get shields from elemental burst.

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character shielder genshin impact thoma
Shield Thoma

Thoma is a character shielder The latest Genshin Impact has arrived updates 2.5 when this article was written.

Ability shields Thoma comes from the %HP number so it's easy to get onbuild. Shields Thoma was able to absorb Pyro very effectively besides physical DMG.

Many players don't like Thoma because kits and difficult to use. Even though Thoma's shield is very strong if you play it right.

Shields from Thoma will increase in strength if you stack or stack from shields resulting from elemental burst and elemental skills Thomas.

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character shielder genshin impact diona
Shield Diona

Diona is also a versatile character in Genshin Impact. Elemental character cryo this is famous to be shielder and healer at a time.

You can also use Diona as battery support which is very good for the character cryo others like Ganyu or Eula.

Just like Thomas, shields Diona will be active when you use elemental skills and elemental burst so you don't need to be afraid of duration shields will run out quickly.

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xinyan genshin impact shielder character
Shield Xinyan

Xinyan is a bit of a character underrated compare characters shielder Another Genshin Impact. 

Xinyan's skill was considered underwhelming, too complicated, or even useless. But Xinyan himself is a character shielder which is pretty good and a bit similar kitsher with Eula.

Interestingly enough, Xinyan's shield got stronger the more opponents around her. 

Connect with elemental skills xinyan, shields Xinyan entered Pyro and protected him from Pyro with increased efficiency.

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character shielder genshin impact kaeya
Shield Kaeya

Not many know you can use Kaeya as shieldser Genshin Impact.

In constellation 4, Kaeya will automatically create a shield when her health drops below 20%. 

The advantage of this shield is that it is absorbent damage Cryo with increased efficiency shields gets stronger as you fight against Cryo enemies.

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character shielder genshin impact yanfei
Shield Yanfei

Just like Kaeya, Yanfei is also a character shielder The rarely known Genshin Impact. 

On the 4th constellation, Yanfei will automatically create a shield every time he uses elemental burst.

Like Kaeya's shield, Yanfei absorbs Pyro's energy with increased efficiency. Yanfei you can use as shielder Genshin Impact against Pyro enemies.

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Such is the character shielder Genshin Impact that you can use in a team to replace Zhongli. Each 4 star character also has another function as shielder so it fits as support on your team.

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