Yanfei Genshin Impact Best DPS Build Recommendations for 2022

Yanfei Genshin Impact 2022

Yanfei Genshin Impact is a 4 star character recommended for those of you who are looking pyro DPS but haven't had the chance to get a character yet pyro 5 star DPS like Hu tao and Klee.

Genshin Impact released Yanfei on banners 1.6 then along with banners Zhongli, who happened to get rerun banner also on updates 2.4 and Yanfei being one of 3 4 star character anything else you can get.

Yanfei in Genshin Impact is a bit underrated and not many players are trying to build or make Yanfei the Main DPS.

In fact, Yanfei's potential is big enough that you can make it a DPS. damage The output from Yanfei's attack is quite large and stable. Yanfei Genshin Impact's build is not too difficult and friendly enough for players.

Character with elements pyro and weapons catalyst this is said to be similar to another 5 star character, namely Klee in terms of attack speed.

You can also use Yanfei with other characters because it can produce pyro damage at fast intervals.

Damage generated is very stable so you can earn damage bigger with elemental reactions from a combination of elements with other characters.

How to play (playstyle) Yanfei and kits from skillsit's also quite fun. In addition, Yanfei also earns shields which definitely makes Yanfei Genshin Impact as a character that you can invest in you build.

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Yanfei Genshin Impact Build Recommendations

This article will cover all the recommendations build starting with priority skills, artifacts, to team recommendations that are suitable for build yanfei Genshin Impact.

Artifact The recommended ones are adjusted according to already released artifacts, where new artifacts will be added along the way updates Genshin Impact.

Skill Priority for Build Yanfei Genshin Impact

yanfei genshin impact elemental burst
Elemental Burst Yanfei (source: Genshin Impact)

Seal of Approval is normal attacks from Yanfei. This attack consists of 3 consecutive attacks. Every Yanfei uses normal attacks, the attack will deal pyro DMG to the enemy. This attack would also trigger Yanfei to take out the Scarlet Seal.

The maximum Scarlet Seal that Yanfei can produce is 3 and will increase to 4 if you have a constellation up to the 6th.

When charged attack, This Scarlet Seal will be very useful as it will turn Yanfei's attacks into AoE pyrodamage so you can fight more enemies. damage The amount that will be generated will also be affected by the number of Scarlet Seals used by Yanfei.

The more Scarlet Seals you can trigger, the bigger the AoE pyrodamage resulting from. This Scarlet Seal will disappear when Yanfei exits fields and replaced by another character.

Yanfei's elemental skill, Signed Edict, will give AoE pyro DMG to the enemy. Yanfei will also receive the maximum amount of Scarlet Seals when the opponent suffers from their ATK DMG so that you can use them next time charged attack.

Done Deal is elemental burst or the ultimate attack from Yanfei. At the moment Yanfei uses elemental burst, AOE pyrodamage will attack the enemy.

Scarlet Seals will be generated at the maximum number and continuously regenerated in short time intervals so you can spam or use charged attack Yanfei has been persistent for the duration elemental burst.

You can see more details about skills owned by Yanfei in Yanfei's Collected Mischella video:

Yanfei is unique compared to character catalyst other because playstyleit is indeed focused on playing using charged attack.

Soa skills which you should prioritize for build Yanfei Genshin Impact this is normal attack > elemental burst > elemental skill.

Talents normal attacks you prioritize so that the DMG you deal from charged attack get very big.

Elemental burst becomes your next priority so that Yanfei can continue to produce the Scarlet Seal so that you can spam or use charged attack continuously.

This recommendation is similar to build Ganyu because the two characters prioritize charged attack. Ganyu himself is cryo bow character 5 stars from Liyue.

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Suitable Weapons for Yanfei Genshin Impact

Basically almost any weapon catalyst 5 stars would suit Yanfei Genshin Impact. You can use Skyward Atlas if you have enough Crit rate/ DMG and you can use Lost Prayer to The Sacred Winds if you search Crit rate.

yanfei genshin impact 4 star weapon
5 Star Weapons : Skyward Atlas and Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds (source: VCGamers)
You can apply the same principle to find alternative 4-star weapons for Yanfei Genshin Impact. The 4 star weapons that are most suitable for Yanfei are The Widsith, Solar Pearl, and Mappa Mare.
yanfei genshin impact 4 star weapon
4 Star Weapons: The Widsith, Mappa Mare, and Solar Pearl (source: VCGamers)

You can also use Dodoco's Tale or Eye of Perception which has stat ATK with the same performance.

An Artifact Suitable for Yanfei

The stats you are looking for from artifacts for Yanfei Genshin Impact are like most other DPS. Crit DMG/ Rate is the top priority, followed by ATK/ATK%, and Pyro DMG Bonus.

Sub stat set artefax can be customized by team or playstyle like what you feel is suitable for build Your Yanfei Genshin Impact.

If you focus on just one element, namely pyro, you can search sub stat ATK or ATK%. Artifacts for Yanfei Genshin Impact with the team elemental reactions with other Genshin Impact characters, you can search Elemental Mastery substat.

Elemental Mastery stat will improve damage Which produced from elemental reactions Among pyro of Yanfei Genshin Impact with other elements.

The 2 recommended artifacts are the Wanderer's Troupe and the Crimson Witch of Flames. You can use as 4 sets or 2 sets each together.

 artifact impacts
Artifacts for Yanfei (source: VCGamers)

4 sets of Wonderer's Troupe will increase Charged Attack DMG Yanfei Genshin Impact by 35% for the user's character bow or catalyst. Artifact sets this is suitable because Yanfei uses weapons catalyst.

The Crimson Witch of Flames set is recommended if you want to use Yanfei with other elemental characters to create elemental reactions which produce damage big.

4 Crimson Witch of Flames will increase the DMG of elemental reactions overloaded and burning of 40%. This will drive damage Yanfei is bigger when you use party with electro characters or just pyro.

This set will also improve vaporize and melted DMG is 15% and if Yanfei uses elemental skills increase 2-Piece Set Bonus (pyro damage bonus +15%) of 50% from its initial value for 10 seconds and can damage stack max 3.

You can also use 2 sets of Crimson Witch of Flames and 2 sets of Wanderer's Troupe because they will provide additional pyro damage bonus +15% from the Crimson Witch of Flames artifact and upgrade elemental mastery 80 from the Wanderer's Troupe set. Note in order goblet what you use has bonus pyro damage stat.

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Team Combination (Party) for Yanfei

Use skills focused on charged attack this is a bit lacking from Yanfei Genshin Impact.

Character shields really needed on Yanfei for you not to do too much dodge or avoid enemies.

Yanfei Genshin Impact actually has shields which is actually pretty good, but you have to have the Yanfei constellation all the way to the 4th constellation.

Recommendation party first is Yanfei, Bennett, Ningguang, and Zhongli.

This combination is good if you don't want to play elemental reactions and just focus on pyrodamage Yanfei Genshin Impact. Bennett will serve as healer and also buff so that damage the greater it is. Besides that there will be elemental resonance pyro of these two characters.

yanfei part pyro resonance
Party Pyro-Geo Resonance (source: VCGamers)

Ningguang you can use as sub dps and it will resonate with Zhongli so it gives geo damage the big one. Function zhongli other than as shielder can also decrease elementals enemy RES.

If you prefer to use elemental reactions, recommendation second party suits you. Arrangement party this is similar to party the first but you can replace Ningguang with Xingqiu or Barbara.

This combination will result vaporize damage the big one. You can also replace Zhongli with Diona which could also be healer and shielder.

Party those three are suitable for Yanfei is a combination array for elemental reactions melted and overload.

Team melted you can use Kaeya as cryo sub-DPS and Rosary. Jean or Bennett you can use for build the Yanfei Genshin Impact team as healer and buffers.

The combinations that you use quite a lot. For the team overload you can use Beidou or for sub-DPS/ support, Fischl as electro support for sub-DPS electro, and Bennett.

Yanfei is a character that can be combined with quite a variety of teams so you can customize your team and playstyle which one is suitable for you to use with Yanfei.

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  2. Annisya Y

    Hi thanks for reading at VCGamers News. If you don't have Zhongli, you can use other characters that can provide shields such as Layla or Thoma. But I recommend you to use elemental reaction party like melt (you can switch ningguang with rosaria and zhongli with Layla). Hope it helps 🙂