Ready to Fight the Rifthounds! These are the Best Zhongli Genshin Impact Builds for 2022

Best Zhongli Builds of 2022

Zhongli is wrong shields or tank build best Genshin Impact who get rebanner second time on updates 2.4 this. builds Zhongli to be tankers friendly for F2P players (free-to-play) because the artifacts used are counted (scale up) from HP or HP%.

builds Zhonglli as tankers after updates Inazuma may not be very effective anymore. New monsters like Rifthound and Bathysmal Vishap gives corrosion effect (corrosion) which reduces the character's HP even though the character has used it shields.

Updates This update certainly makes Zhongli as a character considered to have lost its function and cannot be used by players.

For those of you who already have Zhongli or get this character on updates 2.4 is of course worried that Zhongli is no longer optimal as playable character. In fact, this Wangsheng Funeral Parlor consultant has greater potential than serving as tankers.

You can optimize the artifacts and weapons used in order build Zhonglli changed. The following is zhongli build the best in 2022 that you can use for rebuild your Zhongli character:

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Zhongli DPS Physical Build

Zhongli can potentially be Physical Good DPS. All characters can indeed be physical DPS, but Zhongli has advantages that make this character suitable for build physical DPS.

Build Zhongli as Physical DPS take advantage Passive Skills of Zhongli namely Dominance of Earth. This ability will provide bonus DMG based on Zhongli's total HP for Normal Attack, Charged Attack, and Plunging Attack of 1.39%.

Artifact Recommendations for Build Physical DPS Zhonglli

Artifacts suitable for use build Zhongli needs you to focus on Stats HP, ATK%, Critical DMG/ Rate. The best artifact recommendation is to use 4 sets of Pale Flames. You can use 4 sets of artifacts or combine with 2 sets of Bloodstained Chivalry.

Build Zhongli Pale Flame and Bloodstained artifacts

4 Sets of Pale Flame will increase ATK by 9% for 7 seconds. DMG will be able to stack up a maximum of 2 times that can be generated every 0.3 seconds. If 2 stack taking place will increase the effect by 100%.

The combination of Pale Flame and Bloodstained Chivalry artifacts will each have an enhancing effect physical DMG 25%.

Build Zhongli Gladiator and Bolide artifacts

The 4 Gladiator Finale Sets can also be used for Zhongli Builds as physical DPS because it will have an effect on Zhongli as a user polearms addition Normal Attack DMG 35%.

Actually you can use Retracing Bolide 4 sets but the resulting DMG is not as big as the previous set. This set will provide an additional 40% Physical DMG and 40% Charged Attack DMG if Zhongli activates shields.

Recommendation Weapons for the Zhongli DPS Physical Build

The best weapon 5 stars are used for build this was the Staff of Homa and the Primordial Jade Winged-Spear. 2 weapons it will add Critical DMG/ Rate thereby increasing the DMG.

Build Zhongli Vortex Fanquisher and Crescent Pike weapon

Polearms who have ATK stats like Vortex Vanquisher and Physical DMG bonuses like the Crescent Pike are also good to use.

Build Support Burst DPS Zhongli

Burst DPS or Geo Support build is also build Suitable Zhongli. The focus is spamming Elemental Bursts Zhongli is Planet Befall.

Build Zhongli burst planet befall

Stats what is focused on for artifacts is Geo DMG + Critical DMG/ Rate to increase Elemental Bursts DMG from Elemental Bursts zhongli. Stats the ones you focus on are HP%, ATK%, Geo DMG, and Critical DMG/ Rate.

Artifact Recommendations for DPS Zhongli's Build Burst

Scale up Planet Befall is Geo DMG where apart from giving damage will also increase the duration of the effect petrification (painfully) a few seconds.

Zhongli can use 2 sets of Noblesse Oblige + 2 sets of Archaic Petra. This set will deliver Elemental Bursts DMG 20% + bonuses geo DMG 15%.

Noblesse Oblige can also be used in 4 sets because it will increase all members' ATK party for 20% for 12 seconds which can not be on stack up.

Recommendation Weapons for the Zhongli DPS Build Burst

Weapons that you can use Burst DPS Zhongli can use weapons that give Crit DMG/ Crit Rate like the Staff of Homa and Primordial Jade Winged-Spear the same way Physical builds DPS Zhonglli.

Build Zhongli engulfing, skyward and favorite weapon

Another option, you can also use weapons which adds energy recharge so you can use Elemental Bursts continously. Weapons what you can use are Skyward Spine and Favonius Lance.

Polearms The rumored Engulfing Lightning rerun on this 2.5 also has Stats Energy Recharge which is suitable for this DPS Burst build.

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Zhongli may no longer be used tankers like before when there was no enemy like the Rifthound that gave such a corrosion effect updates more recent.

Shields certainly still very influential to reduce Physical Damage given other enemies so the use of characters that have shields like Zhongli you can still use. Zhongli also has the ability to degrade geo RES so it's suitable for those of you who use play DPS with vision Geo like Arataki Itto.

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