Shikanoin Heizou Genshin Impact, The First Male Catalyst 4 Star Released!

Shikanoin Heizou Genshin Impact is the First Male Catalyst 4 star character released for 2.8. Check out the release news!
shikanoin heizou genshin impact

Shikanoin Heizou Genshin Impact There is a new character that was announced yesterday through the official Genshin Impact Twitter account.

After Yelan and Kuki Shinobu which was officially announced a few moments via splash art that was released, Heizou became the character he said was planned to be released in patch updates 2.8.

Heizou was first known as playable character at the release of Kamisato Ayaka. In voicelineher, Kamisato Ayaka talked about Shikanoin Heizou Genshin Impact as a character that has its own 'principle'.

After a long time, finally Heizou was released with the design and gameplay which is very interesting.

What is the new character from Shikanoin Heizou Genshin Impact like? Keep reading for more because VCGamers will discuss Heizou Genshin Impact in detail.

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New Character Shikanoin Heizou Genshin Impact

Who is Shikanoin Heizou Genshin Impact?

shikanoin heizou genshin impact splash image
Splash Image Heizou (source: Genshin Impact)

According to the voice line of some characters, the bulletin board that you can find in games, and several short stories originating from NPCs in the game there are several mentions of this character.

Shikanoin Heizou Genshin Impact is a mysterious young man, and is branded as difficult and reckless for someone who claims to be a detective.

It is known that Shikanoin Heizou Genshin Impact is a detective who comes from the Tenryou commission, along with the character Kujou Sara.

At first glance, Shikanoin Heizou Genshin Impact is introduced as an ordinary young man, but he is actually the undisputed number one detective in the Tenryou Commission.

Shikanoin Heizou Genshin Impact has a wild imagination and is a little cunning so he does an investigation of his desires.

However, Heizou is said to also have a mind for logic and careful reasoning, as well as an extraordinary intuition when it comes to solving cases.

Whenever a crime occurs, his colleagues rely on experience to help them with the case, but Heizou brings perspective out-of-the-box and straight to the point.

People were impressed by his sharp intuition, thinking that his reasoning abilities and efficiency were godlike.

Shikanoin Heizou Genshin Impact is also known to be a distant relative of Kano Nana, an NPC that appears in hangouts Glazed.

You can tell what Heizou's character is like from a few voiceline character regarding Heizou here:

Character Voicelines
Kamisato Ayaka Mister Shikanoin is a member of the Tenryou Commission, just like Miss Kujou. He is very…principled, sometimes even more assertive than Miss Kujou. 

The only thing is, when it comes to the question of which matters should be governed by his principles, I believe only Lord Shikanoin himself knows the answer…”

Thomas Ho, that person is a detective for the Tenryou Commission. He seems to have his own way of doing things—not the easiest person to get along with. Also… Any situation involving detectives is a pro”
Kujou Sara Shikanoin and I may be colleagues, but I have some positive words to say about him.  He seems preoccupied with his personal schemes while official duties come second. 

The only reason I haven't attempted to bring him to the line this far is that his investigations yielded results… *sigh* He's such a headache.”

Sangonomia Kokomi “At first, I was surprised to see that there were people who came to Watatsumi Island wearing Tenryou Commission uniforms. 

A samurai of the Tenryou Commission could never be so bold, and never could a spy of the Tenryou Commission be so conspicuous. 

Shortly after, I discovered that he was a self-proclaimed “detective” going by the name Shikanoin, and that he had no interest in military, government, or commercial affairs. 

Instead, he seemed to have come for a bit of sightseeing. Thus, I paid attention to him, but refrained from taking any action to get him off the island. Make sure to talk to him if you get the chance.”


Gorou You mean the sneaky detective who never seems to actually work on a case? Well, no one from the Shogunate can be completely trusted, so I'll keep an eye on him! 

On a separate note, he does have some talent for investigation. But how can we know that this is not part of some evil scheme? Hmm. Only time will tell, I guess."

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Shikanoin Heizou Genshin Impact Gameplay and Design

shikanoin heizou genshin impact 3d model design
3D Model Heizou (source: Twitter/ @anonsbelle)

Heizou is known from several leaks what leaked the last few days is a 4 star character with Anemo elements and uses Catalyst weapons.

This makes Heizou the first male character to use the Catalyst after all Catalyst users are female.

Known leaks from the ongoing CBT (Closed Beta Testing) 2.8, gameplay or Heizou's attacks are very unique compared to other Catalyst users.

If Catalyst is usually known as an attacker with medium range (midrange) to far (long range) Heizou is melee Catalyst.

In a way, his attacks are in the form of punches and kicks that don't involve weapons at all, and use more limbs like brawler type.

It is not yet known exactly what the function of Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst from Shikanoin Heizou Genshin Impact is. leaks just showing Charged Attack only.

You can see skill kits from Shikanoin Heizou Genshin Impact in one of the Youtube videos uploaded here:

Character Material Shikanoin Heizou Genshin Impact

shikanoin heizou genshin impact material ascension
Material Ascension (source: Twitter/ @nora_mp3)

Obtained from several sources on Twitter, Heizou will later use material from Ruins Serpent and Boss Raiden Shogun as the main material to do ascension and improve talents.

You will also need the Vayuda Turqoise stone, Onikabuto, the Transience talent book, and the Treasure Hoarder Insignia.

You can start farming from now on if you want Heizou Genshin Impact because materials like Onikabuto are quite hard to find.

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