Build Ganyu Genshin Impact: Priority Skills, Artifacts, Up to the Team

ganyu build genshin impact

Ganyu is one of the characters damage dealers or DPS that players really like Genshin Impact. It is said that there are 3 strong DPS viz xiao. Hu Tao, and Ganyu.

Even though it had reaped the call "Cryo Amber" because of the mechanism kits from Ganyu similar to Amber, starter the character that you get for free from Genshin Impact, Ganyu managed to steal the hearts of players because he is so strong.

This time, VCGamers will provide recommendations for build Ganyu Genshin Impact to earn build which is more optimal.


Ganyu Genshin Impact Build Recommendations

This article will cover all the recommendations build starting with priority skills, artifacts, to team recommendations that are suitable for build Ganyu Genshin Impact.

Recommended artifacts are aligned with already released artifacts, where new artifacts will be added along the way updates Genshin Impact.

Skill Priority for Build Kamisato Ayato Genshin Impact

ganyu build genshin impact charged attack
Ganyu's Charged Attack Deals Damage to Many Enemies at Once (source: VCGamers)

Ganyu is famous for playstyle which focuses on the game charged attack. Characters using bow or arrows like Ganyu will generally only hit or deliver damage for one enemy only.

Normal attacks Ganyu will consist of 6 consecutive attacks. The uniqueness of charged attack Ganyu will provide AoE cryodamage.

Charged attack first will change Ganyu's attack to cryodamage and charged attack then when it hits the enemy target, it will only give AoE cryodamage.

This is beneficial because when you attack a large number of enemies, all enemies will be hit damage by charged attack Ganyu.

The main secretary of Liyue Qixing was previously criticized for being similar to Amber. The resemblance is elemental skills that calls something that can taunting enemy. Elemental burst Ganyu and Amber are considered the same because they are like rain that gives elemental damage.

At a glance in terms of elemental skills kit and elemental burst, Ganyu and Amber are similar and are only distinguished by elements because Amber uses elements pyro.

Elemental skill from Ganyu which has the name Trail of Qilin. This Trail of Qilin will give off an ice lotus. When Ganyu uses elemental skills At this time, an ice lotus flower or called Ice Lotus will appear to replace Ganyu who is moving backwards.

build ganyu genshin impact elemental skill
Build Ganyu Genshin Impact Elemental Skill (source: VCGamers)

This flower will scare away enemies so you are free to attack with charged attack Ganyu from a distance. Deep Ice Lotus' resilience fields counted (scale up) based on Ganyu's maximum HP.

The Ice Lotus will then explode when the time duration runs out and provide AoE cryodamage on nearby enemies.

Ganyu's elemental burst is Celestial Shower will issue an ice pearl named Sacred Cryo Pearl. The ice pearl will provide AoE cryodamage with attacks like hailstones.

ganyu elemental burst build
Elemental Bursts Ganyu

The duration of this Sacred Cryo Pearl is 15 seconds cooldown for 15 seconds. If you have activated passive skills Harmony between Heaven and Earth, all characters within the scope of the area elemental burst Ganyu will get 20% cyro damage addition.

For build Ganyu Genshin Impact, you can prioritize Normal Attack > Elemental Burst > Elemental Skill.

Artifacts Suitable for Ganyu Genshin Impact Builds

ganyu genshin impact blizzard strayer
Blizzard Strayer is One Artifact Suitable for Ganyu (source: VCGamers)

Stats what you should prioritize for Ganyu are Crit Rate/DMG, ATK or ATK%, and Cryo DMG Bonus.

The artifacts that can be used by Ganyu depend on which elemental reaction team you want to use. There is the Melt team (Cryo and Pyro) as well as Freeze.

Ganyu Melt can use artifacts 4 sets of Shimenawa's Reminiscence or 4 sets of Wanderer's Troupe. Wanderer's Troupe 4 sets will improve charged attack DMG is 35% if the character uses Catalyst or Bow.

Shimenawa's Reminiscence 4 set will improve normal, charged, and plunged attack DMG of 50% for 10 seconds.

The combination of the two artifacts is also good for you to use because 2 Sets of Shimenawa's Reminiscence will provide additional +ATK 18% which is suitable for increasing damage charged attacks Ganyu and 2 sets of Wanderer's Troupe upgrades Elemental Mastery Ganyu to 80.

Best artifact and recommended for build Ganyu Freeze is a 4 Blizzard Strayer set. The bonus of this artifact is the level crit rate Ganyu will increase by 20% if the enemy is hit cryodamage, and if the enemy is frozen (freeze), crit will increase by an additional 20%.

You can combine Blizzard Strayer with Gladiator Finale which will give additional ATK 18% and Blizzard Strayer 2 sets will give cryodamage bonus 15%.

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Weapon Recommendations for the Ganyu Genshin Impact Build

ganyu build genshin impact 5 star weapon
5 Star Weapon Recommendations for Ganyu (source: VCGamers)

Weapon or weapons which is suitable for Ganyu DPS is quite diverse. You can use Amos Bow, Thundering Pulse, Skyward Harp, and Polar Star. Even weapons bow You can also choose Aqua Simulacra as an option.

For a choice of F2P or 4-star weapons, you can use Ganyu with Hamayumi or Prototype Crescent.

For Ganyu, because you will use Normal Attack more often, you should look for a 5-star or 4-star weapon that has stat Great ATK.

Recommended Team Composition (Party Setup) for Build Ganyu Genshin Impact

One of the Ganyu Genshin Impact Team Recommendations
One of Team Ganyu Genshin Impact's recommendations (source: VCGamers)

Party Melt can use Ganyu, Xiangling, Zhongli, and Bennett as this combination is the most suitable combination for build melt Ganyu.

You can also just use either Bennett or Xiangling (although the best combination is Bennett) and switch roles. pyro support others become tankers and crowd control.

tankers or shielder best to pair with Ganyu is Zhongli. Zhongli you can use to lower elemental resistance opponent and make the enemy petrified (petrified for a moment) besides just being shielder pure.

You can use Anemo characters like Venti and Kazuha to act as crowd control or collect enemies. This character will also provide elemental reactions swirl Among pyro and anemo which will zoom in damage Your Ganyu.

If you don't have Venti or Kazuha, you can replace them with Jean who is paired with Bennett or Sucrose, as a 4-star choice that is easier than the previous 3 5-star anemo characters.

builds Ganyu for DPS freeze party you can use it if you pair Ganyu with a hydro character who has AoE damage suitable and cryo support. You can use Mona, Venti, and Rosaria.

Mona can be replaced with Barbara as an alternative 4-star choice because you can get Barbara for free. Barbara can also apply wet status which can have an effect freeze and heal characters that are in party you.

You can use Sucrose or Kazuha to replace Venti. Chongyun. Rosaria, Kaeya, or characters cryo support then you can use Shenhe as an alternative to replace Diona when you get it heal from Barbara and do not need shields.

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