Beware of Fake VCGamers Application Fraud

Recently, there have been irresponsible persons promoting the VCGamers Market Apk through sites that cannot be accounted for.

Through his YouTube account, the person who has a YouTube channel account named Franmoza promotes the VCGamers Market Apk and claims to be able to top up Diamond Mobile Legends at the cheapest price.

You can be sure that the official application from VCGamers can only be found at Google Play store or you can visit the Official Website from VCGamers in and Official WhatsApp at 0815-9021-021 and 0815-1111-1659. All transactions are only made in the application and on the official VCGamers website.

Apart from these applications and sites, it is certain that the sites or applications used are fake made by irresponsible persons.

You can get the latest information from VCGamers through the official VCGamers Instagram account and peek at the excitement from VCGamers through the official VCGamers YouTube and TikTok accounts.

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