Important! 5 Best FF Assault Rifles You Need To Know

Assault Rifle FF is the weapon that players are most interested in Free Fire. Certainly, this weapon is very unique and has high damage. Assault Rifle itself also has a good level of accuracy compared to other ff weapons.

Free Fire is one of the most popular battle royale games in the world. There are a lot of players from FF itself and players really like using assault rifles.

You can play this weapon and it is very varied. This also indicates that the game presented by Garena is very complex and high. For that, let's see the article below.

Overview Assault Rifle FF

Assault Riffle FF

Weapons that have high damage, early game, mid game, and late game weapons, good fire rate, fairly high accuracy, lots of magazines. Assault riffle is one of the things that is very versetaile, where this weapon is very good to be used anywhere and anytime.

Those of you who want to play more aggressively than your own opponents are obliged to use this one weapon. This weapon is also quite impressive compared to other ff weapons. This shows that this weapon is the favorite of the many weapons in free fire.

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Assault Rifle's Favorite Character

Skyler FF

For those of you who want to better demonstrate the skills of this one assault rifle weapon. You can use several of these characters for you to use in the game. There are several characters whose skills are brilliant enough to be able to synchronize combinations when you use the assault rifle itself.

There are some ff character  which is good when you use this one weapon like, Jota, Alok, Adam, Ford, and so on.

The 5 Best FF Assault Rifles

Assault Rifles


After you have reviewed some of the best assault riffle ffs with their characters. The thing that you have to pay attention to when playing ff is that you have to prioritize balance between each other.

This weapon is perfect to be the main weapon you use in the game. This shows how versatile this weapon is. You can also improvise so that your weapon can be more ideal when using it.



We are in first place there XM8, This weapon is of the same type as scar which has an ideal range, high damage and is stable in recoil. So, of course, this weapon is in the top Tier S order from the other assault rifle ffs.

Those of you who play aggressively, to be able to flank for the good of the team, are very good for you to apply to this weapon. You will also be even more creative because this weapon also has interesting features.

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When you are a rusher who has good close combat skills. Groza is a solution for you to use in the free fire game.

Groza it has high damage than other assault rifle weapons. You can also apply a good range and a high scale to make resistance to walls or other obstacles. So, for groza accuracy is the most important.

However, this groza has a weakness when reloading. Reloading is long enough to make Groza less competitive with other assault rifle weapons.



Scar is the best and most dynamic assault riffle weapon. You can know this because this weapon is very salable for you to use in the game.

This one weapon is also effective for conquering many opponents. Close combat is also possible but lacking in accuracy unlike the XM8. This shows that this weapon is overated for many players who use it. However, it is still the favorite weapon of many players in Free Fire.



You who often target your opponent's head, this weapon is perfect for you. Famas has a brilliant level of accuracy with its automatic can produce results for you.

With only 3-4 bullets that you throw at your opponent, you can do an instant headshot. Famas also has a high fire rate where this weapon is very fast for you to use and means even more so that you are more skilled.

However, this one weapon is rather complicated, so you have to have high flying hours to use it.

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If this AR is not included in the list, it is really unfortunate. Because this best assault riffle can be one of the most powerful weapons to conquer your opponent.

AK47 has bad damage, so you have more freedom to use this one weapon more. AK47 is perfect for you to use during the early game to the late game. However, this weapon is very difficult for you to use, the recoil is very high. So, you have to be able to control this one weapon.

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