EA Will Close Apex Legends Mobile, Here's The Reason!

Apex Mobile Close

The rise of the mobile game market has forced PC game developers to adapt and create mobile versions of PC games. Unfortunately, this plan doesn't always work. For example, games Apex Legends Mobile by EA should close.

EA announced that they will be closing Apex Legends Mobile for players using smartphones.

Moreover, EA also canceled the ongoing development of Battlefield Mobile.

This time, VCGamers will discuss the reasons why Apex Legends Mobile will close and the Battlefield Mobile development process.

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Reasons Apex Mobile Officially Closed

Apex Mobile Lobby Closed
Apex Legends Mobile Lobby. Source: VCGamers

Released on May 17, 2022 for iOS and Android platforms, Apex Legends Mobile by EA had to close after a surprising announcement by EA.

Through Tweets by Respawn and EA, they announced that the decision to close the game was very difficult to make. The following is the official tweet from Respawn as the developer of Apex Legends Mobile:

There are various factors that cause this to happen. One of them is the failure to meet gamers' expectations in terms of quantity and quality.

Unfortunately, the factors that became the reason for Apex Mobile closing were factors beyond the control of the developers who had tried to make the game enjoyable for the players.

The official announcement says that Apex Legends Mobile will officially close on May 1, 2023.

As a very popular Battle Royale game, it's quite a shame when the entire Apex Mobile server has to be closed. Moreover, Apex Mobile had become a game iOS best in 2022.

In addition, players who have spent time and money on this game will also be wasted because Respawn and EA have to close Apex Mobile on May 1, 2023.

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Battlefield Mobile Development Process

Battlefield Mobile posters
Battlefield Mobile posters. Source: EA

Not only Apex Legends Mobile received a failure, EA's result game was titled Battlefield Mobile also had a negative impact.

EA will focus more on developing Batteflied 2042 than developing the Battlefield game for the mobile platform.

The game developer hasn't officially released Battlefield Mobile, but the collaboration between EA and Industrial Toys must end.

Industrial Toys is a developer studio that developed Battlefield Mobile with EA. According to Compass, Industrial Toys was forced to go out of business due to the cancellation of the release of Battlefield Mobile.

Thus the discussion regarding the closure of Apex Mobile and the termination of Battlefield Mobile development by EA.

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