Build Cici Tersakit 2024, Ready to Carry the Team

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There are several Cici build options that make her the hero with the worst damage in 2024 in the Land of Dawn.

In the previous season, many players chose to ban Cici draft pick because his skill set is troublesome. But since the latest patch update, Cici has started to be banned less frequently and has been chosen by many players Mobile Legends.

If you have just bought this hero and are still confused about making the 2024 Cici Pain build order, below we have made a short review discussing this hero. 

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Build the Most Painful Cici Emblem 2024

Build the Most Painful Cici Emblem 2024
Worst Cici Emblem Build 2024. Source: MLBB

Cici is fighter heroes new to the game Mobile Legends. Therefore, you can use the battle spell Vengeance or Sprint. 

Next, use the fighter emblem to get Spell Vamp, Hybrid Defense, and Adaptive Attack. To maximize emblem performance, use the following talent combination: 


Rupture is useful for increasing Cici's 5 % Adaptive Penetration. This talent will strengthen the Physical Attack used if it is smaller than the Magic Attack. The opposite applies when used on mage heroes. 

Festival of Blood 

This emblem is useful for increasing Spell Vamp on Cici. When using Festival of Blood Cici will get 6% Spell Vamp. When providing an assist, Cici will receive an additional Spell Vamp of 0.5%. This ability can be collected up to 8 stacks. 

Brave Smith

This talent is useful for Cici to restore HP when damaging enemies. Every time Cici launches an attack on an opponent, she will get 5% recovery from Max HP. Barve Smith has a cooldown time of 6 seconds.

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Build the most painful Cici item 2024 

Build the most painful Cici item 2024
Worst Cici Item Build 2024. Source: MLBB

The following are recommendations for the sickest Cici build items for 2024 that you can try: 

Tough Boot

The use of the Tough Boots item is not only to strengthen Cici from Magic Damage attacks. This item is useful for Cici because it can reduce the duration of Crowd Control and the enemy's Slow effect.

This item is very important, especially when meeting Crowd Control heroes. Tough Boots are important for you to buy as an opening item to increase Movement Speed in the early game.  

War Ax 

This one item with a complete package is really needed by Cici in the early game phase. War Ax can provide Spell Vamp, Physical Penetration, HP, and Cooldown reduction. 

Cici really needs these three aspects so she can spam skills smoothly. Apart from that, now War Ax is also a fairly overpowered fighter item so it is very suitable for Cici to use. 


To support reducing the cooldown and damage of the next item, you can use Hunter Strike. This item is also very effective for increasing Cici's movement speed. 

Hunter Strike's unique passive can increase Movement Speed by 50% for 3 seconds. This effect can cool down for 8 seconds. 

Brute Force Breast Plates

Two damage items are enough to make Cici sickest hero in EXP Lane. Next, give Cici additional defense by using the Brute Force Breastplate. 

Using this item will support Cici's skill set reduction again by 10%. Apart from that, Cici's blood will also increase by 600 and get Physical Defense of 23. 

Even though it is a defense item, Brute Force Breastplate also has a unique passive which increases Cici's Physical Attack by 6. This passive item also supports Cici's movement because it can increase Movement Speed by 2%. 

When the natural stack and this item stack are full, Cici will get the effect of reducing the duration of Crowd Control by 15%. Of course you can't miss this fourth item to make Cici the sickest hero. 

Malefic Roar

Next, use the damage item again to increase Cici's attack. You can use Malefic Roar to increase Cici's Physical Attack. 

This item can give Cici Physical Penetration of 20%. Apart from that, the unique Passive Armor Buster on this item can also increase additional Physical Penetration of Cici's skills. 


Lastly, use Immortality to strengthen Cici's defense. After Immortal's unique passive is active, sell this item and replace it with another defense item until the passive cooldown process is complete. 

Other items you can use include Dominance Ice and Athena's Shield. Adjust the damage composition that the enemy has before buying one of these items. 

Use Dominance Ice to defend against opponents with dominant Physical Damage. Then use Athen's Shield to defend against enemy Magic Damage. 

Those are the recommendations for building Cici emblems and items for the sickest 2024, good luck!

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