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ML Lite

This time we will discuss a little about a game called ML Lite Apk. Mobile Legends is one of the most played games or perhaps more precisely the game that many people play. However, playing this game is really tiring.

The file size of 200MB in Mobile Legends or what is known as Mobile Legends Lite is relatively small. Therefore, even if you who have a Ram 2 smartphone want to play ML games, your device is not powerful enough to do so.

This Molibe Legends Lite game will benefit you. You can read all the reviews that we will post and that we have provided if you are interested in learning more about this ML light Apk game.

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About ML Lite Apk

ML Lite
ML Lite Apk. Source: VCGamers

Mobile Legends: Lite is a simplified version of the popular mobile game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. This game is designed to run on lower devices and target players in emerging markets.

This game features the same 5v5 MOBA gameplay as the original, but with lower graphics and simpler controls.

Despite these differences, the core gameplay experience remains the same and the game is just as competitive as the original. Mobile Legends: Lite also has a smaller list of characters and items.

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Features in ML Lite

Features in ML Lite. Source: VCGamers

Mobile Legends: Lite has several features that can be found in the original version, such as:

MOBA 5v5 gameplay

This game features the same MOBA gameplay as the original, where two teams struggle to conquer the enemy base and defeat enemy heroes.

Hero system

The hero roster in this lite version of the game is smaller than the original version, but still provides a variety of heroes with unique abilities that can be played by players.

Items system

This game provides a variety of items that can be used to increase the strength of the player's hero.

Level system

Similar to the original version, Mobile Legend Lite also has a level system. Where players can level up their heroes and gain access to new abilities.

Matchmaking system

This game provides a matchmaking system that can make players compete against other players with the same level of ability.


Compared to the original version, this game has lower graphics. But it still has an attractive appearance and can be run on lower devices.


The next feature is that the controls in this version are simpler than the original version, making it easier to access for novice players.


This game provides the same competition as the original version, where players can compete with other players from around the world.

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How to Install Mobile Legends Lite Apk

ML Lite
How to Install Mobile Legends Lite Apk. Source: VCGamers

If interested you can immediately download this application. After you download Mobile Legends: Lite, you can install it by following these steps:

  • Open the folder where you saved the download file.
  • Find the downloaded Mobile Legends: Lite installation file, usually a file with the .apk extension.
  • Click the installation file to start the installation process.
  • A security warning appears from your device, click the "Install" button to continue the installation process.
  • Wait until the installation process is complete.
  • After the installation is complete, you can open the application and start playing it.
  • If you experience difficulties during the installation process, make sure your device is allowed to install applications from unknown sources (usually in the device's security/privacy settings), or make sure you have activated the "install from unknown source" option.
  • If you have problems opening the application, make sure you have enabled the "install from unknown source" option and try reinstalling the application.

You must be aware that Mobile Legends Lite is mods or applications that are modified because they were created by a third party.

So, it can also be said that this game is prohibited or illegal, because Moonton did not create this version of ML.

You run the risk of having your ML account suspended if you are caught using this apk.

It can be concluded that using or playing Mobile Legends Lite Apk is not safe for you.

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Download the official Mobile Legends application from Moonton.

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