These are the Strengths of Hero Benedetta Season 24, Very Agile!

Advantages of Hero Benedetta

As a very agile hero, he is indeed very often picked up in ranked mode. Well, it turns out there are 5 advantages of Benedetta's hero that makes her very popular in Indonesia Mobile Legends.

Benedetta is one of the popular Assassin heroes in Mobile Legends, this hero is easy to find both classic and rank. This hero's abilities are very complete, this hero has everything needed to kill enemy heroes.

For Vicigers friends who want to use this hero, you should already know the advantages of this Benedetta hero so you don't use it wrong. Intrigued by the advantages of Benedetta's hero? Let's see below. 

Advantages of Hero Benedetta MLBB

Very Agile Hero

Advantages of Hero Benedetta
ML heroes

The advantage of Benedetta's hero that you must know is that she is very agile, this advantage allows her to quickly catch up and run away from the pursuit of enemy heroes. Of the four skills this hero has, all of them can give a wink effect. His Passive Skill (Last Day) flashes forward after the sword intent is fully charged.

One skill, Phantom Slash, stepped back, drew his sword, and then dashed forward. Skill 2 (Eye by Eye) picks up a weapon and then flashes on the spot, dealing damage.

Then, at the end of his third skill (Alecto: Last Blow), he attacks in a certain direction, leaving the lane dealing damage every second.

At first, he had the same fighting style as Lancelot. This blinking ability makes him one of the heroes who is quite agile and very difficult to predict his movements. These conditions make him reliable as a hero-initiator and also a ganker, who is very effective at chasing enemies.

His ability to escape is also reliable. Benedetto's special main attack ability can charge forward when they break through walls. This mechanism can be trusted as the key to getting out of the fight.

In addition, the skill End-Last Blow moves him forward. This skill can be used to escape from the pursuit of the enemy in a state of urgency.

Big Damage in the Early Game

Advantages of Hero Benedetta
Big Damage

Benedict's next advantage is that he deals great damage at the start of the game, which is an advantage that Assassin heroes usually have in Mobile Legends.

Skill one (Phantom Slash) and skill two on Benedetta, namely (An Eye for An Eye) are the skills that hurt this hero the most. Skill one (Phantom Slash) gives 290 damage (+ 60 percent total physical attack) + 50 (+ 70 percent total physical attack), then the second last skill (An Eye for An Eye), which gives and 300 (+ 80 percent of total physical attack).

This amount of damage allows him to place, visit, and kill enemy heroes very quickly. Vicigers friends, you must know this one hero.

He Has Deadly CC Skills

Advantages of Hero Benedetta
Skin Benedetta

Hero advantages The next Benedetta is that she has a very deadly cc skill, an advantage that Assassin heroes rarely get. Of the four skills this hero has, three of them can give cc effects. Skill One, namely (Phantom Slash) gives a slow effect of 60 percent in 0.5 seconds.

Then the second skill (Eye for an Eye) If the opponent's hero attacks while he is using this skill, the target gets a stun effect within 1.5 seconds of the attacking opponent.

Then the last is the third skill, namely (Alecto: Final Blow), which gives a slow effect of 20 percent in 0.2 seconds. All of these abilities can quickly trap him and kill enemy heroes. Isn't that very beautiful?

Immune Has Lots of CC Damage

Advantages of Hero Benedetta
Cool Heroes

Hero advantages Benedetta, which many enemies fear, is resistance to damage and cc abilities, thanks to these advantages she is very famous and difficult to kill in battle.

Benedict's second skill (Eye for an Eye) is a skill that makes this hero immune to damage and a skill to restrain people, not only that, this skill also has the effect of holding people and more fatal injuries.

If you want to give this skill an extra effect on crowd control, you can apply it to the target itself. Benedetta obtained anti-CC ability through skill – An Eye For An Eye.

This skill allows him to control all incoming CC abilities for 0.8 seconds. Although this ability is short, it has proven effective in preventing CC attacks.

Not only that, he also has anti-CC abilities with Ultimate – Final Blow when destroyed. With this invincible ability, he can predict other CC attacks that the enemy will try to use after using the skill – An Eye For an Eye.

This ability allows him to move any CC or disable the ability that carries it. As a frontline warrior, he doesn't need to worry about the ability to cover and control his skill combinations.

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Able to Lead a Team

Advantages of Hero Benedetta
ML heroes

The advantage of Benedetta's hero is the opportunity to bring a team, which is an advantage that almost all assassin heroes have in Mobile Legends.

He can lead the team because this hero has a lot of damage at the beginning of the game, this hero is very agile, can learn divided learning and can also kill the Lord himself.

This advantage has always made him a feather in the fight on the leaderboard, Benedetto is no longer dependent on winning against anyone else. You must know this one hero.

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What do you think of Benedetta's list above? Please write your opinion in the comments column. Don't hesitate and play wildly!

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