10 Characters of Overwatch 2 Complete with Their Abilities

Overwatch characters

Overwatch 2 is an FPS genre game that was released on October 4, 2022 yesterday. Until now, the characters in the Overwatch 2 game have been very numerous. Therefore, this time we will summarize the characters of Overwatch 2 and the abilities they have.

It is important to understand the abilities possessed by each character in this game. Because by knowing his abilities, the chance to win the game is bigger.

Each character in Overwatch 2 has unique abilities and kits.

So, for those of you who are curious about the characters and their abilities, let's look at the following explanation!

Overwatch 2 characters 

There are a total of 36 characters in the game Overwatch 2. With so many characters available, it allows you to have the choice to use a character that suits your playing style.

And this time we will recommend 10 characters and their abilities that you can use while playing.

Ana (Support)

Overwatch characters
Ana Overwatch 2. Source: GameSpot

Ana's list of skills:

  • Sleep Dart: Shoots a dart that puts the enemy to sleep.
  • Biotic Grenade: Throws a grenade that will heal and increase healing to team members, as well as deal damage and prevent healing to enemies. 
  • Nano Boost: Increases the damage of team members, as well as reduces the damage received.
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Ashes (Damage)

Overwatch characters
Ashe Overwatch 2. Source: Dexerto

Ashe's list of skills:

  • COACH GUN: Smashes enemies in front and drops backwards.
  • DYNAMITE: Throws an explosive that will detonate after a certain amount of time or will detonate when fired.
  • BOB: Charges forward and knocks the enemy into the air, then attacks with the cannon in his arm.

Baptiste (Support)

Overwatch characters
Baptiste Overwatch 2. Source: GameSpot

Baptiste's list of skills:

  • REGENERATIVE BURST: Activates to heal yourself and nearby team members from time to time.
  • IMMORTALITY FIELD: Throws a device that prevents allies from dying. The device can be destroyed.
  • AMPLIFICATION MATRIX: Projects a matrix that doubles the damage and healing effects of team member projectiles.
  • EXO BOOTS: Hold squat to jump higher.

Bastion (Damage)

Overwatch characters
Bastion Overwatch 2. Source: Blizzard Entertainment

List of skills owned by Bastion:

  • A-36 TACTICAL GRENADE: A grenade that can bounce off walls and stick to the floor and on enemies.
  • CONFIGURATION RECON: Bastion can walk like a standard hero and fire his automatic machine gun.
  • ASSAULT CONFIGURATION: Bastion can transform into a tank and fire mini-guns while moving.
  • IRONCLAD: Damage reduction up to 20% when in Artillery and Assault modes.
  • CONFIGURATION ARTILLERY: Bastion is rooted in the ground and can shoot three bullets anywhere on the map, dealing damage to opponents.
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Brigitte (Support)

Overwatch characters
Brigitte Overwatch 2. Source: Blizzard Entertainment

List of skills owned by Bastion:

  • REPAIR PACK: Heals team members in no time.
  • WHIP SHOT: Launches a whip forward to take down an enemy and keep him away from you.
  • SHIELD BASH: Hold right click to use front energy shield.
  • SHIELD BASH: Available when Barrier Shield is equipped. Dash forward to repel the enemy.
  • RALLY: Moves faster and gives armor to nearby team members.
  • INSPIRE: Attacks an enemy with a whip and heals nearby team members.

Cassidy (Damage)

Overwatch characters
Cassidy Overwatch 2. Source: Blizzard Entertainment

List of skills possessed by Cassidy:

  • COMBAT ROLL: Rolls towards you moving and recharges.
  • MAGNETIC GRENADE: Grenades can stick to enemies and deal damage when they explode.
  • DEADEYE: Face to face with an enemy, target all enemies in line of sight. Can be activated again to deal damage to everyone you target in your sights.
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D.VA (Tank)

Overwatch characters
D.VA Overwatch 2. Source: GameSpot

List of skills possessed by Cassidy:

  • BOOSTERS: Fly towards the enemies you encounter.
  • DEFENSE MATRIX: Blocks projectiles in the area in front of you.
  • MICRO MISSILES: Launches explosive rockets.
  • SELF-DESTRUCT: Explodes and overloads the mech, causing it to explode after a short period of time.
  • CALL MECH: Summons a new mech.
  • EJECT!: Ejects the mech when destroyed.

Doomfists (Tanks)

Overwatch characters
Doomfist Overwatch 2. Source: Blizzard Entertainment

Doomfish's list of skills:

  • SEISMIC SLAM: Jumps forward and hits the ground.
  • POWER BLOCK: Enters a defensive stance which reduces 90% damage from enemies in front. If 100 damage is blocked, the next Rocket Punch will be stronger.
  • ROCKET PUNCH: Hold to charge then release to launch forward and knock enemies backwards. Damage increases if the enemy hits the wall.
  • METEOR STRIKE: Press Q to jump into the air. Move the targeting circle, then press ABILITY 3 to attack the targeted area
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Echo (Damage)

Overwatch characters
Echo Overwatch 2. Source: GameSpot

Echo's list of skills:

  • STICKY BOMBS: Shoots sticky bombs that explode after a short delay.
  • Flight: Fly forward quickly and then fly freely for a bit.
  • FOCUSING BEAM: Casts a beam for a few seconds. Inflicts very high damage to the target if the enemy's HP is below half.
  • DUPLICATE: Become a copy of the targeted enemy hero. They cannot swap heroes during that duration.
  • GLIDE: Hold jump to slide when falling.

Genji (Damage)

Overwatch characters
Genji Overwatch 2. Source: Blizzard Entertainment

Genji's list of skills:

  • DEFLECT: Deflects incoming projectiles in the direction you are aiming and blocks melee attacks.
  • SWIFT STRIKE: Dashes forward quickly and deals damage to enemies. Elimination will reset the cooldown.
  • DRAGONBLADE: Wields a deadly melee weapon.
  • CYBER-AGILITY: Climb walls and double jump.
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So, those are the 10 characters and abilities they have. Hopefully you can use it well.

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