Cheap and Fast Ways to Top Up Papaya Live at VCGamers

How to Live on Papaya

How to Top Up Papaya Live cheaply and quickly on VCGamers Marketplace is very easy. You can get a lightning-fast Top Up experience by purchasing here.

Papaya Live itself has been downloaded by more than one million users worldwide. This figure shows that Papaya is quite successful. Because, this application has just been released in Playstore on April 23, 2021.

Along with the increase in Papaya Live users, the need for top up diamonds in it has also increased. 

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So it's no wonder that many of its users find out how to top up papaya live.

And you might be one of those people who wants to know how to top up Papaya Live. 

Without further ado, let's see how to top it up in the following review!

Let's top up your Papaya Live diamonds at VCGamers. Want a cheap, fast and reliable top up?
Top Up Papaya Live here!

How to Top Up Papaya Live Diamonds

How to Top Up Papaya Live
Top Up Papaya Live. Source:

To make cheap and fast top ups easily and reliably, you can do it at VCGamers Marketplace.

Generally, Papaya Live users top up to be able to use all the services and features in this application without any restrictions.

Apart from that, Papaya Live diamonds can also be used to buy gifts and send them to your favorite streamers.

For steps to top up Diamond Papaya Live at VCGamers, you can listen to it in the following review:

  • First, login to the page VCGamers Marketplace
  • Then you type Papaya Live in the search field or click the Gercep banner at the top of the page (Click here)
  • Choose a shop that offers the number of diamonds you want to buy
  • Select the add to cart option
  • Then click the basket icon to checkout the product
  • Enter notes (if any)
  • Add promo code (if any)
  • If the order is correct, click checkout and confirm
  • A purchase summary will appear
  • Choose the payment method you want to use (DANA, QRIS, Neo Commerce, LinkAja, Shopee Pay, GoPay, BCA Virtual Account, BNI Virtual Account, Danamon Virtual Account, Mandiri Virtual Account, Permata Virtual Account, Maybank Virtual Account, BNI Virtual Account or Alfamart)
  • Complete the payment process
  • The seller will send diamonds to your Palaya Live id

So, that's how to top up Papaya diamonds on the VCGamers Marketplace. Hopefully it will make it easier for you to top up in the future!

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Overview of Papaya Live

How to Top Up Papaya Live
Papaya Live application. Source: Play Store

Papaya Live is an online chat application that allows its users to interact in real time with users from all over the world.

In this application, you can use the chat feature to exchange messages with other users. 

Apart from that, you can also use the live streaming or live broadcast feature to chat with other users like live on Instagram or TikTok.

Some of Papaya Live's mainstay features include:

How to Top Up Papaya Live
Papaya Live Features. Source:

live streaming

You can live stream at any time or for 24 hours without interruption here. So you can interact with the audience by singing, pulling, chatting, or other activities.

Entertainment Community

As an entertainment community, you have the opportunity to find many interesting people around you and help you find new friends.

Security and Privacy

You can make video calls safely on Papaya Live. Because the video call feature itself is equipped with privacy protection so that other users cannot access your video call.


You can give gifts to your favorite hosts as a form of support for them. uTo buy gifts you need diamonds which you can top up at VCGamers Marketplace.

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