Listen! This is How to Become a Fast Hand in Mobile Legends 2022

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There are a number of fast hand methods in the game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang what you need to know. Of course, this will be very useful for those of you who want to play well in the game.

You can try this fast hand Mobile Legends method right away. Moreover, you are a user of heroes with high mechanics like Hayabusa, Fanny and Ling.

You can practice how to become a fast hand in Mobile Legend. So, you can play well when dealing with opposing teams in the game.

So, what is fast hand in Mobile Legends and how do you get fast hand movements in Mobile Legends? Let's see the review.

Fast Hands in Mobile Legends

Fast Hands

Before knowing how to become a fast hand, we must first review what it means first.

Old Mobile Legends players often hear this term. However, there may still be beginners who have never heard of it.

Therefore, we must know this term in the game. Don't let us not know and get stuck in confusion when other players talk about it.

Fast Hand is the skill of a Mobile Legends player to play quickly when operating their hero skills in the game.

You must have the ability to play at hand speed when using a hero. So, you can operate the hero properly and provide attacks with fast skills.

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How to Fast Hand in Mobile Legends

There are a number of ways to become a fast hand in Mobile Legends that you can try. You can start learning to be able to move your hands quickly.

You need to do the things below to try it.

The following is how to become a fast hand in Mobile Legends that you need to know:

Understanding Hero Skills

How to Play Ling

The first thing you need and have to do is to understand hero skills. You need this so that you really master the heroes that you use to fight in the Land of Dawn.

You have to know and understand what skills your hero has. Starting from the Damage given, which skill is used first and last and the skill combo of your hero.

If you already know that, you can practice it on the training ground. Try to use the skills of your hero and combine the skills he has so that he can deal great damage to the opposing hero.

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Muscle Memory

How to Play Ling

The next step to becoming a fast hand is Muscle Memory. You have to do Muscle Memory when you want to have fast hand movements in Mobile Legends.

This term likens a muscle like a brain that can store memories. Although, in fact it is still the brain's motor network that activates muscle memory.

This fast hand movement can occur when you are used to doing it in the game. However, you have to practice your movements as well as possible.

You can train it by doing the movement slowly first. You need to do this repeatedly.

Over time, increase your movement speed when playing games. Thus, your finger movements will be faster and faster again.

Like a child learning to walk, this certainly requires a process. However, if you practice diligently, your movements will get faster.

Therefore, practicing will really help you to become fast in Mobile Legends.

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Use Supporting Accessories

Fast Hands

You can optimize your movement to become a fast hand by using supporting accessories. Yes, you need it so that your cellphone can be smooth.

You can use a number of things to make your HP slippery.

First, you can use powder on your cellphone screen. This is often also done by pro-players. Powder can absorb the sweat on your hands when you are having fun playing on the side, it can make the screen slippery.

Furthermore, you can also use finger gloves so you can go even faster.

Your fingers will become even more slippery when you use this accessory. In addition, it can also absorb sweat from your fingers.

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