11 Anti Crowd Control Mobile Legends, Attack Enemy Heroes Without Stopping!

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Anti Crowd Control in game Mobile Legends it will be very useful to deal with the possibility of being ganked or attacked in a row by an opposing hero.

Some heroes can break away from the opponent's CC, both with their skillset and with items or battle spells.

The most common thing players do to get away from Crowd Control is to dash or blink. However, this method can still be thwarted and overcome by CC skills which do have an AoE effect or a long and wide attack range.

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This time, the author will describe 11 Anti Crowd Controls that can be found in the game. 9 of them are heroes with anti CC skills, while the other 2 are battle spells.

9 Most Popular Anti Crowd Control Heroes Version by VCGamers


anti-crowd control aldous
Hero Aldous

You can find the first Anti Crowd Control in Aldous' ult skill. Her ultimate can penetrate arena walls, opponent's obstacles and small creeps or ranged attacks.

When he turns into this rocket, every hero in front of him will be pushed and exposed to successive damage. This Aldous Ulti can also annoy opponents who want to recall or dash.

Because of this ult, Aldous is a very tough hero, especially in the mid to late game, where he has accumulated a lot of stack damage. So he can avoid burst attacks carried out by opposing heroes while still dealing damage when he runs away.

So, Aldous users usually play as offlaners, collect stacks, and escape with their ultimate skills to a safer area.


anti-crowd control yin
Hero Yin (As Lieh)

One of the recently released heroes has the Anti Crowd Control skill. This skill is especially active when Yin turns into Lieh.

Before he can transform, Yin must first farm on the EXP Lane, so he can unlock his ulti skills more quickly.

To be more effective, he can use skills 1 and 2 for burst damage or blink. Yin has high physical damage because there is an effect from his passive skill.

After the Yin ultimate is unlocked, use it to bring the opposing hero to his special realm and turn into Lieh. Defeat the opponent before 8 seconds so that Lieh can be free from his realm and attack the opponent's heroes in the arena. Skill 1 Lieh has an Anti Crowd Control effect.


anti crowd control mathilda
Hero Mathilda

Mathilda is also widely used by players in season 23 because her skillset has a lot of support while being able to damage opponents.

Mathilda's Anti Crowd Control skill can be found in her ultimate. The way Mathilda's ulti works is quite unique because it will mark the target and disturb it with fireballs.

When her ultimate is pressed again, Mathilda will dash and attack the target. When carrying out this attack, he will be free from CC which might be used by other heroes.

The impact of this ultimate can also have a stun effect on the target. Mathilda's ulti skill functions in two directions, namely to give a Crowd Control effect and as Anti Crowd Control for her.

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anti crowd control chou
Hero Chou

As a hero with a meta title every season, Chou is equipped with Anti Crowd Control skills. Skill 2 Chou is an anti CC skill from the opposing hero.

Usually, Chou user players will use a combination of skill 1 attacks first at the start of the game. Chou's basic attack and skill 1 will be his main attack before using his Anti CC skill later.

As a hero who can rotate quickly, Chou will only use skill 2 after his opponents spam their CC skills a lot. This will be useful so that Chou is also not hindered when roaming.

Apart from that, the combination of Flicker's battle spell and Chou's ulti can be used as another way to escape and escape from your opponent's pursuit.


anti-crowd control johnson
Hero Johnson

Hero Johnson is back in popularity as a tank which is often used to split push or lock towards the opponent. Moreover, Johnson had stolen the attention in MPL Indonesia season 9.

Obviously Johnson's Anti Crowd Control skill is his ulti. When he turns into a car, Johnson cannot be intercepted with CC skills. What is there, it is the hero who intercepts him who will be hit by Johnson's CC skill in the form of a stun.

When he has managed to lock onto one of the heroes and stun them, Johnson can bring one of his colleagues to then attack the defenseless opponent.

Hero users who can turn into cars will usually take advantage of Johnson's thick HP so it's hard to beat.


anti crowd control yve
Hero Yve

Actually, the Anti Crowd Control skill in Yve's hero is not immune to stun, immobilize or slow, but against opponents who can push like Aldous and Tigreal.

Using anti CC when playing as Yve, just activate Yve's ultimate skill. Later, heroes who will interrupt Yve's ulti skills with dash or blink skills will not be able to push him away.

Also with Yve's ulti, players can freely attack their targets as long as they are in Yve's imaginary box for a few moments.

As a skill attack that is usually spammed by players who use this mage hero, skill 1 is usually used as Yve's mainstay move.

If Yve has enough mana, the combination of skills 1 and 2 will make it difficult for the opponent. The combination of these two skills will give a CC effect in the form of slowing the target.

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anti-crowd control cecilion
Cecilion and Carmilla

When Cecilion used his ulti, at that moment his Anti Crowd Control ability was active. Many players take advantage of Cecilion's ultimate to collect more mana stacks.

Cecilion can even stack up to 99,999 in one match, although it's rare for players to reach that stack amount.

If he is paired with a magic attack item that can provide increased damage depending on the amount of mana, Cecilion will definitely be more OP in the mid to late game.

However, even if the player cannot use this tactic, Cecilion's skillset has a CC effect in the form of immobilizing and pulling through his 2 skills.

He can spam skills 1 and 2 a lot to stack and give CC effects, while his ultimate acts as Anti Crowd Control when he is about to be disabled by an opposing hero.


anti crowd control benedetta
Hero Benedetta

Unlike most other heroes, Benedetta's Anti Crowd Control is in skill 2. Skill 2 Benedetta functions as a barrier to the opponent's attack, then he will counterattack the opponent with lightning.

The advantage of using Benedetta's 2 skills is that players can give consecutive damage while being free from slow, stun and immobilize effects.

This Skill 2 also has a blink effect, so Benedetta can immediately escape from the opponent's siege while dealing damage to them.

Benedetta's passive and ulti skills also have similar attacks. Use Benedetta's passive skill to collect a stack in the sword symbol above her head.

The ulti can be used to escape the enemy's encirclement while slowing them down.

X. Borg

anti crowd control x. borg
Hero X. Borg

This hero who usually "burns" his opponent also cannot be interrupted when he uses his ulti. X.Borg has an ulti which is quite troublesome because it also has a True Damage effect.

That is, every time X.Borg activates the ulti, his attack will penetrate both the shield and the defense item. The only way to avoid X.Borg's ultimate is to blink, dash or ride in Johnson's car.

X.Borg's passive skill also has the ability to shield him. This is what makes X.Borg a very annoying jungler or EXP laner hero, especially in the late game.

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2 Battle Spells Anti Crowd Control


anti crowd control purify
Battle Spell Purify

From the function of the Purify battle spell alone, it is clear that it will be able to cure all the bad statuses of its hero users, including Anti Crowd Control. This battle spell will be obtained when the player reaches level 15.

However, like most other battle spells, the purify cooldown to serve as Anti Crowd Control is quite long, which is 90 seconds.

Use this battle spell when you are in a state of urgency and it is difficult to get away from your opponent's CC. Before using it, try to blink or dash first and save it for the late game.


anti-crowd control sprint
Battle Spell Sprints

Anti Crowd Control in this battle spell is its ability to increase the hero's speed by 50%. When the effect of this battle spell is active, the user will be immune to slow for 6 seconds.

Sprint is an alternative to Flicker when your hero wants to play more as roam or hyper. This battle spell is also quite effective for heroes with low speed.

Unfortunately, the cooldown of this battle spell is 100 seconds, but you can get it when you reach player level 7.

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This Anti Crowd Control is effective for rearranging formations to launch attacks or counter ganking against opponents. Take advantage of this anti CC skill and catch your opponent off guard, Vicigers!

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