The Best D Bee FF Character Pet Combo in Season 27

The D Bee FF character is a character that is very suitable for playing Babar. You can also pair it with some of the best pets.
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D Bee

To be able to maximize his skills and abilities, you have to use the best D Bee FF character combo pet in season 27. 

Character D Bee FF is one such character Free Fire with an extroverted personality and loves meeting new people. This character has a passive skill set (Bullet Beats), which can increase movement speed by 15 percent and accuracy by 45 percent when players shoot while moving.

As a character with passive skills, bonus D-Bee Movement Speed ​​​​and skill accuracy have no cooldown. That is, as long as you shoot from the enemy's weapon, this character will continue to receive these two bonuses.

So, in this Free Fire article, we want to tell you some of the best pet combos for the D Bee FF character. Want to know what is the list of the best pets for the D Bee FF character in season 27? Immediately, see the review of the following article.

List of Combo Pet Character D Bee FF Season 27


Character D Bee FF

The first pet that you can use for the D Bee FF character is Dreki. This Free Fire pet has a skill called Dragon Glare.

Dreki's skill is identifying enemy positions using the Medkit within 30 yards at its highest level. If the enemy escapes from the battle and the enemy recovers, Dreki quickly finds his position. So you can quickly kill enemies.

Dreki can grant privileges by proving that an enemy is using a medical kit within 30 yards for 4 players. This means Dreki can target enemies when in a weak position. Dreki is also suitable to be played in ranked mode, or solo, duo or team.

Spirit Fox

Character D Bee FF
Spirit Fox

Even if you fight the D Bee FF character Skill while moving, something like that won't stop you from getting hit. Of course using the Spirit Fox in this way would kill him so he would receive more treatment later.

But that's not the end of it, as Spirit Fox can also help D-Bee's character to really compete as well. All you have to do is hide for a while, get treatment and then continue fighting.

This Free Fire pet has a skill called Well Fed. Spirit Fox's ability can restore 10 HP to the highest level when using Medkit items. If D-Bee's HP dies, only 1 Medkit can heal HP.

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Night Panthers

Character D Bee FF

If you want to use the position on the number of empty slots for total ammunition, this pet is a good support for the D Bee FF character.

For those who shoot enemies while moving, they will definitely experience something called "Run Out of Bullets". This way, it will be hard to waste the bullets you use with it because of this kind of ability.

Night Panther is the third Garena Free Fire officially released after Pet Kitty and Pet Puppy. The main advantage is increased storage space. With this pet, Survivors can increase their backpack capacity to 15. This ability can be increased up to level 5 or even 30 resulting in theft. 

For example, if you use other pets, survivors can only store 10 medical kits. With the Night Panther, he can carry up to 13 medical kits.

The reason is, to support rusher or flanker battles, FF support players can use the services of this pet to carry large amounts of goods. In this way, players can calmly improve their fighting skills until it is possible to win.

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Character D Bee FF

Another pet for the Bee character is Panda. This Free Fire pet can be very useful for players who want to play barbarians. Panda's Blessings has the ability to restore HP up to 10 at the highest level after you kill an enemy.

Of course, the combination of skills between Panda and him will make it easier for you to play barbarians without thinking about HP when fighting many enemies in battle.

At level 1, Panda gives 4 HP after the player kills an enemy. Then at level 2, Panda gives 7 HP. And at the end of level 3, Panda will give 10 HP.

This feature is of course very useful for those of you who like to play barbarians. You can buy this Pet Panda through the Shop menu. Specifically “Shop > Normal > New/Pet”. This pet sells for 500 diamonds.

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Character D Bee FF

Another pet for the D Bee FF character is Poring. You can rely on this Free Fire pet to strengthen your Free Fire armor. Poring has the ability (Stitch And Path) to add 1 durable armor in the form of a vest and helmet every 1 second.

Up to level 3, vests and helmets are easily damaged. Of course you can use the Poring skill, so there's no need to look for a top vest or helmet later, because Poring can help increase the strength of the vest and helmet.

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Having knowledge of 5 FF Pets for D Bee FF Characters is one of the things that will help later in battle. Not only that, you also have to be aware of the pets used by the enemy and use them better later.

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