Best Selena Gameplay Tips in Mobile Legends 2022

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Check this post so you find out what are the best Selena gameplay tips on Mobile Legends 2022. Being a burden on the team is embarrassing, bro!

All you need to do is trigger its passive to deal extra damage to the target. Additional damage will be triggered if you consume Abyssal Mark on enemies. He is very strong in the early game only because of the extra damage. Try to play it as a cunning Assassin. 

According to Selena's gameplay, we can divide it into three phases. Our Selena Mobile Legends gameplay guide covers the perfect game plan for the early game, mid game and late game. 

However, you must need a good understanding of the map to be very OP in the Land Of Dawn.

Gameplay Selena MLBB

Here are the best Selena gameplay tips in Mobile Legends version VCGamers that you can use.

Early Game

Game Selena
Early Game

Buy a lower grade jungle item if you're using levy, or buy 2 Magic necklaces to clear your mana bar. Blue Buff is very important for you to repeatedly cast skills, grab it first and go mid lane for a successful gank.

Try to attack enemy buffs by trapping around alternate buffs. Place traps in hotspots (bushes, paths) and launch arrows at the target.

If the target is stunned, use ultimate for extra movement speed and kill the unit using your Abyssal form. You can perform useful skill combos as below.

  • Elvin form (Skill 2+Skill 3)+ Abyssal form(Skill 1+Skill 2)

You can take the buff using the same process in just 4-5 seconds.

Mid Game

Game Selena
Mid Game

In the middle phase, Selena's gameplay shines the most. Try to complete the 2 core items according to the situation. Don't just stick to one lane, always turn around and follow the mini-map. Remember this hero can set up to 3 traps on the battlefield so place yours very carefully.

Place traps in the bushes that will work like traps and low HP enemies will die automatically if they step into them. Always save one trap to combine with arrows to put the enemy to sleep for 3 seconds. 

Use ulti carefully because it will reset skill 1 and skill 2's CD. First, increase Skill 1 (Soul Eater) and then perform basic attacks in Abyssal form. 

In essence, using Selena's gameplay means that you have to prioritize laning. The reason is that basic attacks are very weak. However, even finished a lot of lackeys. Actually, you can only use skills for clear lanes. 

However, it feels like a waste of defense to finish off minions. The increase in what level will also last longer than other jammbing heroes. It's a good idea to save up and fulfill the conditions you complete from enemy heroes.

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Late Game

Game Selena
Late Game

Don't try to stretch the game in the late phase when using Selena. He is famous for his high early game burst damage, but in the late phase.

If the enemy team has a quality that doesn't have a stunner or CC hero then it will be very difficult for him to counter. Mark the enemy's damage dealer with his arrow and try to do it from a suitable distance.

The farther the arrow travels, the longer the stun duration you will get. Good Selena gameplay never rests solely on her combos. Selena's overall gameplay and feel for the game will make her useful on the battlefield. Always place one of the traps near the Lord's wall.

Basically, Selena's gameplay is not a proper team fight hero. He must kill one enemy, to counter the enemy team's Farming or Economy.

Many players don't use it just because they are afraid to pull out combos in the right order. Moving on, we have 5 other useful tips to help you become a Selena pro;

  • Always be confident in the initial phase. Don't forget skill 1 abyssal form will give you a shield.
  • Be sure to hit the arrows. Try to do it when the enemy doesn't see you around.
  • Access the Minimap through your traps.
  • Safe in the late game.
  • Adjust the trap according to the game.

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Using Selena's gameplay certainly requires a special understanding so that her potential comes out to the fullest. It's complicated and the risk is big if you can't use it properly. However, the 'prize' that you will get will be worth it if you can master it well.

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