VCGamers Supports Web3 Berlin, The Biggest Web3 Event in Europe

VCGamers Web3 Berlin

VCGamers support maintenance Web3 Berlin, the largest Web3 conference in Europe. The support provided by VCGamers is by becoming a media partner.

Events Web3 Europe's largest event will bring together thousands of participants and hundreds of speakers who are experts in the field of Web3.

So, Web3 Berlin is perfect for those of you who want to be part of the history of Web3 development.

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Join Web3 Berlin, the Biggest Web3 Event in Europe

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Web3 Berlin

As previously stated, Web3 Berlin is the largest Web3 conference in Europe. An event that brings together hundreds of experts in the industry Web3 and thousands of crypto enthusiasts will be held at the Estrel Hotel, Berlin on 10-11 June 2023.

These hundreds of experts will share their knowledge, explore the latest trends and technologies and collaborate in shaping the future of the Web3 ecosystem.

The event also allows everyone who attends to network with others.

Not only that, later there will also be exciting games and give you a pleasant conference experience.

For more details, let's see what will be at the event!

Presentations & Panels

You will get in-depth knowledge directly from the leading experts in the Web3 Community.

Apart from that, you can also experience a pleasant conference experience by engaging in interactive discussions with a capacity of 1100, 800 and 220 participants.

VIP zone

Web3 Berlin allows you to network exclusively with Web3 industry leaders at this event.

You can get this experience by joining the VIP zone.

Side Events

There are various other interesting events at this event. From games to NFT exhibits, MasterChef fashion shows and catering in the VIP zone.

Interesting Entertainment

It doesn't stop there, in this event there will also be many opportunities to relax and make new connections in this event.

You can take part in exciting competitions and interactive animators, to live DJ performances. 

So, you will have many opportunities to relax and network.

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You are invited to attend and join this event and be part of the future development of Web3.

Apart from that, you will also get a pleasant experience and knowledge about Web3 with all the amenities.

Let's build new connections and expand your horizons by participating in this unrivaled largest Web3 event in Europe!

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