Latest Update Patch Note 1.7.58 Mobile Legends: 15 Heroes Got Buffed and Nerfed

Mobile Legends Patch Updates

Update Mobile Legends Patch Notes 1.7.58 Mobile Legends: Bang Bang present. There are 15 heroes affected by Nerf and Buff in this update.

In Update Patch Note 1.7.58 this time there are several Hero Marksman that have been adjusted because Equipment effect that strengthens Basic Attack Effects and is often used at high ranks.

Besides that, there are also several heroes who are rarely used to get Buff.

Moonton did this so that the game play is more balanced.

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New Heroes & Revamped Heroes

There are new heroes and revamps for dozens of heroes in this patch update.

As it is known that the hero is Arlott.

While there are 15 heroes who get buffs and nerfs.

So, let's take a look at Arlott and his skills and the revamp he got.

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Here we convey the details:

New Hero: Arlott:Lone Lancer

Build Arlott
Arlott. Source: Youtube.

This new Hero Fighter can take advantage of his and his teammates' Crowd Control abilities for continuous Damage Burst mobility.

There are a number of skills possessed by Arlott. Among them:

Passive: Demon Gaze

Arlott leaves Mark automatically to enemy heroes around him frequently. Also leaves Mark to enemies around Arlott who are affected by Crowd Control.

Skill 1: Dauntless Strike

Arlott swung his spear forward. Deals damage and causes a short Stun to targets within the area. Targets hit in the farthest part of the Area of Effect will be stunned for longer.

Skill 2: Vengeance

Arlott will attack the specified target. If the target has Mark (Demon Gaze) from his passive, this skill will deal damage twice, reset Cooldown and restore Arlott.

Ultimate: Final Slash

Arlott slashes forward, dealing damage and shifting the position of the enemy hit to the edge of the area.

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15 Buffed and Nerfed Heroes in Update Patch 1.7.58 Mobile Legends

There are several heroes with major adjustments in this update. They are Hanabi, Karrie, Nathan, Julian, Moskov, Edith, Paquito, Esmeralda and Cyclops.

Update Patch 1.7.58 Mobile Legends: Hanabi (Buff)

Build Hanabi 2023, Update Patch Mobile Legends

Moonton want to increase cooperation Hanabi with his team in order to increase the potential of his Skills in middle to upper Rank matches.

Basic Attacks (Buffs): New Effect: If the first target hit by a Basic Attack is not a Turret, the Basic Attack will continue to bounce even if it has bounced off the Turret.

Skill 1 (Buffs): New Effect: Shields from sources other than this skill also make Hanabi immune to Crowd Control.

Skill 2 (Buff): Moonton gives sslight increase in projectile velocity.

Ultimate (Buff): Not only on skill 2, but also on ultimate skill. Where, Moonton drastically increasing projectile velocity.

This hero is immune to all Crowd Control effects when the Shield is active. Increases her Petal attack speed.

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Nathan (Buff)

The Painful Natan Build, Mobile Legends Patch Update,

Nathan gets a slight increase in Damage in the Early Game and his durability in the Late Game.

Passive (Buffs): Base Damage which was originally 20 became 45. Then, the Lifesteal Ratio which was originally 50% is now 80%. Furthermore, the Spell Vamp Ratio which was originally 30% is now 50%.

Ultimates: Cooldown which was originally 42-30 seconds is now reduced to 38-28 seconds.

Moonton also made adjustments to Natan's Skin. Currently Natan gains Magic Power and no longer gains Physical Attack.

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Update Patch 1.7.58 Mobile Legends: Karrie (Nerf)

Latest Mobile Legends Patch Update 2023

DKarrie's amage was reduced by Moonton. This is because this Hero can activate two Basic Attack effects during the ultimate duration and too often activates passive with the Golden Staff.

Passive (Nerf): Damge from 8% Max HP Target to 6-8% Max HP Target

Ultimate (Nerf): Damage Basic Attack which was originally 65%-75% Total Physical Attack to 50% to 70% Total Physical Attack.

In addition, the Basic Attack Effect of the Equipment which was originally 65%-75% became 50%-70%.

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Moscow (Nerf)

Best Duet Hero, Mobile Legends HD update, Mobile Legends Patch Update
Moskov as the best counter for Yin

Moonton reduces Farming ability and Moskov's strength in one on one in the Early Game.

Skill 1 (Nerf): Cooldown 7.5 seconds to 10-8.5 seconds besides that there is also an increase in Attack Speed from 1.3-1.5 times to 1.15-1.5 times.

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Update Patch 1.7.58 Mobile Legends: Julian (Buff)

meta ml now, Julian MLBB, update patch mlbb

Julian gets an upgrade for rarely using it. Julian's Brust Damage has increased in the Patch 1.7.58 update.

Passive (Nerf): The Magic Power of Julian's Basic Attack is strengthened from 100% to 120%.

Skill 1 (Nerf): Julian's Base Damage which was originally 65-185 became 90-210.

Skill 2 (Nerf): Julian's damage, which was originally 60-80 +12% Magic Power, became 75-115 +15% Magic Power.

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Edith (Buff)

Edith ML
Edith ML

Moonton increases Laning Edith's ability in the Late Game and Damage to high-durability Heroes, as well as improves her performance when Wrath is low.

Passive (Buffs): Damage Chain Lightning: 105+ 6*level + 30% Magic Power to 4% Max HP target+30% Magic Power.

Apart from that, there is also an increase in Chain Lightning Damage to Minion from 180% to 300%.

Ultiamte (Buff): Shield after transformation 350-650 + (8% Max HP + 80% Magic Power) to 350-650 + (5%-20% Max HP) (Percentage increases with Wrath).

In addition, the Attack Speed after the transformation from 25%-150% to 50%-150%. Then, Lifesteal after the 5% -30% transformation becomes 10%-30%.

Paquito (Buff)

Weaknesses of paquito heroes, paquito haircuts

Moonton also increased Paquito's total Damage. This is due to Paquito's poor performance.

Skill 1 (Buffs): Shield Paquito strengthened from 120% to 140%.

Skill 2 (Buffs): This hero's damage is strengthened to 240-640 +215% Physical Attack to 250-750 +230% Physical Attack.

Cyclops (Buff)

cyclops - new skin of cyclops

Cyclops is experiencing Buff in this update. This was because the Mana consumption scale of Planets Attack was extremely high and caused him to buy a lot of Mana Recovery Equipment.

Moonton also reduces the use of Mana Cyclops so he can focus on other attributes such as reducing Cooldown and Magic Power.

Skill 2 (Buffs): Mana Cyclops' usage which was originally 75-125 is now 60-90.

Ultimates (Buffs): Damage Cyclops which was originally 500-800 to 550-880.

Esmeralda (Buffs)

build Esmeralda

Moonton increases Damage and the frequency of using Esmeralda's skills in the game.

Skill 2 (Buffs): Magic Damage which was originally 240-440 +90% Magic Power became 300-550 +120% Magic Power. 

Then, also given a reduction in the cooldown of Skill 1 when it hits the Hero from 1.3 seconds to 1.5 seconds.

Update Patch Mobile Legends: Gloo (Nerf)


Moonton gave Gloo Nerf. Namely, by reducing HP Gloo Damage and Recovery during the early game and mid game. Nerf was given because Gloo was considered too strong in that.

Skill 1 (Nerf): Gloo's Hit Damage was originally 200-300 to 100-250. Then, HP recovery from Gloo which was originally 3% became 1.5%-3%.

Moonton also optimized Gloo's interactions with walls in the game. Thus, Gloo is no longer stuck.

Yve (Nerf)

Yve MLBB - MLBB Heroes

Yve got Nerf in this update. Where, Moonton reduces the initial Slow effect of Skill 2 Yve and increases Starfield's Cooldown.

Skill 2 (Nerf): The slow effect that was originally 50% became 25% but the last slow effect will still be at 75%.

Ultimate (Nerf): Cooldown which is only 50-40 seconds is now increased to 58-50 seconds.

Lapu-Lapu (Nerf)

The Painful Lapu-Lapu Build, update mobile legends patch 1.7.58

Lapu-Lapu is considered too strong in Team Fight. Apart from that, he is also considered to be putting too much pressure on opposing heroes when they meet in the Land of Dawn. Therefore, Moonton will reduce the damage from this hero.

Skill 1 (Nerf): Base Damage Lapu-Lapu from 175-300 to 140-265.

Ultimate (Nerf): Base Damage 2 First Attack which was originally 380-580 to 345-545.

Update Mobile Legends: Hayabusa (Nerf)

Meaning of Hyper in Mobile Legends, update the mobile legends patch 1.7.58
Hayabusa Hyper Mobile Legends. Source: MLBB Designs

Moonton reduces Hayabusa's Damage in the Early Game and Mid Game and provides plenty of room for his opponent to counter in the Mobile Legends Update Patch.

Skill 1 (Nerf): Base Damage on skill 1 Hayabusa which was originally 170-270 to 150-25-.

Update Mobile Legends: Fanny (Buff)

Hero Fanny Arti Hyper in Mobile Legends, update patch mobile legends 1.7.58

Furthermore, other heroes who also get buffs in Mobile Legends Update Patch 1.7.58 in 2023.

Fanny gets a Buff in this update. Where, Moonton increases HP growth and durability.

Yin (Buffs)

Counter Yin, update patch mobile legends 1.7.58

In this update, Yin gets a buff in Update Patch 1.7.58 Mobile Legends.

Where, in this update Moonton helps Yin to survive in the EXP Lane like when he was a Jungler.


Little Commander Magic Chess Connie, update patch mobile legends 1.7.58
Condition Fate Box with Little Commander Magic Chess Connie. Source: VCGamers.

In this update it is also announced that Magic Chess Season 12 (Secret of the Stars) will start soon on 17 February 2023 with new Heroes and Synergies. There is a mysterious Star-Core that has arrived in this world and gives new and unique effects to heroes.

Discover all the possibilities that will exist and create an unbeatable Lineup.

The new Dawn Commander Fanny has also joined the fight along with the new Appearance of the new Magic Chess Pass on 31st Birthday.

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