Update the VCGamers v1.8.x application, check it out!

VCGamers Application Update v1.8

Hola Vicigers wherever you are, this time we will provide information about application updates VCGamers v1.8.x.

We do this update to make it easier for all Vicigers when using the VCGamers app.

In addition, also so that the whole Vicigers gain experience Top Up Games and fun Digital Products.

We always try to make it all Vicigers can access the applications that we provide comfortably and without difficulty.Therefore, here are some points that we did in the VCGamers v1.8.x Application Update. Curious right?

Immediately, let's see!

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VCGamers Application Update v1.8.x

There are features that are here for you in this update. In addition, there is also a new look that is cooler than before.

Here are the update details that you need to know:

New Appearance of Profile Page and User Dashboard

vcgamers application update
Screenshot of profile page and user dashboard.

VCGamers now comes with a new user profile and dashboard view. Of course, the look is fresher than before.

Changes to this view are made so Vicigers it is even easier when you want to see various kinds of information and transactions that have been carried out.

New Appearance of Seller Dashboard Page

VCGamers Seller Dashboard page
VCGamers Seller Dashboard page.

Display updates aren't just for buyers. But, we also provide a new look for all sellers.

In this update, VCGamers has also provided a new dashboard display update for seller friends. If it looks cool like this, the order process will be much more complete.

Features Report Products and Reviews

vcgamers app update 3
Product report feature in VCGamers

Have you ever been confused when you found a product or review that was not real or contained elements of a scam? Eits, take it easy.

Now Vicigers no need to worry about that anymore. Because, now there is a report feature in the VCGamers application.

You can help VCGamers to report any suspicious products or reviews. The report will be checked and followed up by the team VCGamers.

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Thus the VCGamers v1.8.x application update for you. Download the VCGamers application on the Google Play Store (Click here).

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