VCGamers Seller Flash Program Launches, Win Prizes Worth Millions of Rupiah!

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There is good news for all sellers VCGamers Marketplace. Because, VCGamers want to share prizes totaling tens of millions of rupiah through the VCGamers Seller Flash Program.

So, the VCGamers Seller Flash Program allows sellers to get additional benefits when they have completed a certain number of sales transactions on products labeled INSTANT and LIGHTNING.

Later, sellers who successfully carry out a certain number of product sales transactions will receive a reward in the form of VC Coin worth tens of millions of rupiah when selling on VCGamers Marketplace.

Are you curious about the details? Let's see the review!

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VCGamers Seller Flash Program

VCGamers Seller Flash Program
Source: VCGamers

Program Vendor Flash is a program launched to provide rewards for sellers who successfully make as many transactions as possible on products that have a label QUICK or INSTANT. 

There are many advantages that sellers can get when participating in this program.

Starting from getting a VC COIN balance up to 3,000,000 VC Coin, increasing visits and visibility of stores and products.

In addition, you can get marketing assistance from VCGamers in the form of a promo code that can only be used specifically at your store and get insight into the store's transaction history to participate in the next promo.

The VC Coin and Promo Code that you get are in accordance with the total number of transactions on products labeled KILAT and Instant.

So, the more transactions you complete, the bigger the prize you will get.

So, for more details, see the table below:

Total Flash / Instant Transactions VC COINS Promo Code Quota Discount Amount Min. Purchase
100,000 > 3,000,000 480 25,000 50,000
75,000 99,999 2,250,000 360 25,000 50,000
50,000 74,999 1,500,000 600 10,000 20,000
25,000 49,999 750,000 300 10,000 20,000
10,000 24,999 200,000 80 10,000 20,000
5,000 9,999 100,000 40 10,000 20,000
1,500 4,999 30,000 12 10,000 20,000
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T&C of Seller Flash Program

There are several terms and conditions that you need to know in order to get rewards from the VCGamers Seller Flash Program.

But don't worry, the terms and conditions for this program are really easy and simple. Here are the details:

  1. Stores that successfully complete transactions with QUICK or INSTANT labeled products automatically participate in this program.
  2. The SELLER FLASH program will be reset on the 1st of every month.
  3. The SELLER FLASH program will end on the last day of the month.
  4. Promo code rewards & VC COIN will be given to stores that meet the QUICK or INSTANT transaction number criteria.
  5. Promo codes & VC COIN will be given a maximum of the 10th of each month.
  6. VC COIN can be disbursed by applying to cash out the VC COIN balance.
  7. The promo code will be given in excel file format via email, make sure your email is correct.
  8. Promo codes can be used by all users, specifically at your store.
  9. The promo code discount will be fully borne by VCGamers.
  10. The promo code can only be used a maximum of 1 time for each user.
  11. The promo code validity period is 30 days after the promo code is sent to the seller by VCGamers.
  12. Achievement rewards are not cumulative.
  13. Promo codes that are used by users on products that have a fast & instant label, will not be counted into the criteria for the number of transactions to get the next reward.
  14. VCGamers has the right to impose sanctions (not continuing the program to the seller, not being able to take part in any more programs) if an action is found that is considered a violation, fraud, abuse, or other detrimental actions.
  15. The SELLER FLASH program will end on May 31, 2023.
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Don't waste the opportunity to get tens of millions of rupiah in rewards from VCGamers through this program. Complete as many transactions as possible to get the biggest prize!

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