Update Application VCGamers v1.7.x

vcgamers application update

Hola Vicigers, currently VCGamers has updated v1.7.x. There are several feature updates that are present in the VCGamers application.

We continue to strive to provide the best experience for all Vicigers when using the VCGamers application. 

Come on, learn more about what feature updates are available in VCGamers v1.7.x.

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Update the VCGames v1.7.x application

There are three things that are present in the VCGamers v1.7.x application update this time. Anything? Let's see!

Improve VCGamers Campaign Journey

vcgamers application update
Campaign Journey

Are you having trouble accessing the VCGamers campaign in apps? Often when you open a certain product banner campaign, you are directed to the browser and have to log in again? 

Now you can be more comfortable when using the VCGamers apps. Because now you will no longer be redirected to the browser when you click on the campaign.

You will still be in the app when you click into an existing campaign. So all you have to do is click and checkout the items you want to buy.

Update Information on the Instant & Quick Request Page

VCGamers Application Update

The next update is for sellers. Sellers who haven't activated the instant and lightning features should try this feature. 

You can access the store management page and look for instant feature requests and fast processes. There will be information and explanations regarding the features and benefits of using these two new features. Let's quickly activate this feature.

Note Copy feature

vcgamers app

Furthermore, there is currently a note copy feature in VCGamers apps. This feature is a solution for sellers who have difficulty taking notes when there is an incoming transaction at VCGamers. 

By copying notes, it will be easier for you to retrieve information from buyers on the transaction detail page.

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So, that's the update for the VCGamers v1.7.x y application. We will continue to provide updates that are no less exciting for you.

What are you waiting for? Come on, invite your friends to register VCGamers right now.

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