5 Wall Sage Valorant Tricks in the Ascend Map, Must Know!

Wall Sage Valorant

Sage is one such agent Valorant which has the Sentinel role. Typically, an agent with a role Sentinel has the task of holding an area from enemy attacks with skills capable of supporting that task.

Sage has various skills that can provide support to the team, such as heal and ultimate skills that revive dead teammates.

Another skill is a skill called Slow Orb which is able to give slow to enemies walking in the Slow Orb area. Apart from that, Sage also has a skill called Barrier Orb in the form of a large wall.

This time, VCGamers will discuss about Sage's trick skill called Barrier Orb or wall on the Ascend map. Of course Sage players often use walls to hold back enemies, but there are other uses for these walls. Come on, see the discussion below!

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Wall Sage Tricks in Map Ascend Valorant

Wall Boost B Link Peek A Short

Wall Sage Valorant Tricks
How to Wall Boost from B to Peek A Short. Source: VCGamers

For the first trick in this article, players must have a partner who can jump high on the platform as shown above. Agents capable of doing this are Raze, Jett, Chamber, and Omen.

First, colleagues who want to peek must jump or teleport to the top of the platform. Then, Sage gives Wall to give a boost to players on the platform.

Players who are on the platform will be able to look directly at A short and the enemy will not suspect the peek.

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Wall Boost Sage Generator Site A Valorant Tricks

Wall Sage Valorant Tricks
Wall Boost on Generator Site A Map Ascend. Source: VCGamers

This second trick is quite difficult to pull off, as jumping into the Generator from Heaven is relatively difficult. However, if Vicigers can do it, maybe this trick will be very useful.

First, the Vicigers must jump into the Generator. After that, place the Wall as shown above. Vicigers can get boosts and shoot enemies from high ground.

Usually the enemy will not suspect that there will be players on top of the Generator. What's more, players keep site A far above Generator.

Wall Sage Heaven A Trick Guarding Retake

Wall Sage Valorant Heaven Tricks A
How to Use Walls to Keep Enemies from Retaking Site A. Source: VCGamers

If the Vicigers plant a bomb at site A, then this trick is perfect for protecting that site from enemies trying to enter from CT.

First, install the Wall as shown above. Vicigers will be above the wall and able to wait for the sound of enemy steps coming from CT.

If the enemy shoots at the wall, then Vicigers can peek and kill the enemy who is focused on knocking down the wall.

Trick to Protect the Switch that Closes the Garden / A Short

Sage Valorant Tricks Protect Switch Site A
Wall Sage Valorant Trick Protects Switch Site A. Source: VCGamers

Vicigers can do this trick when they are CT and the enemy attacks Site A. Usually, the enemy will attack Site A and immediately close the door by pressing the switch in the middle of Site A and the Garden.

With this trick, the Sage in the Garden can close the switch with a wall. Enemies must fire on the wall and when they do, Vicigers and teammates can kill the enemy.

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One Way Wall at Site B to Keep Enemy Bombs/Retakes

One Way Wall Sage Valorant Trick
How to Do One Way Wall in Sage Valorant Site B. Source: VCGamers

Vicigers can do this trick easily. When planting at Site B, place a wall like the picture above for a one way wall.

After installing the wall, Vicigers was able to hold the angle. Enemies entering through that path will be seen, but unable to see the Vicigers holding the corner.

Thus the discussion regarding the Wall Sage Valorant trick on the Ascend map. To top up Valorant Points, please visit VC Market by VCGamers!

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