Strengths and Weaknesses of Jett Valorant After Receiving Nerf!

There are six agents who have the Duelist role in the game Valorant. Agents with the Duelist role are Phoenix, Reyna, Raze, Neon, Yoru, and of course Jett. Jett Valorant is one of the agents that players can play directly without activating an agent contract.

For Vicigers who often play Valorant, of course, they already recognize this Duelist agent named Jett. This agent is very often used by Valorant players and is a mainstay for players who have an aggressive playing style.

However, in Patch 4.08, Jett received a nerf that affected his signature skill, Tailwind or dash skill. After receiving the nerf, here is a discussion on the advantages and disadvantages of Jett Valorant as a duelist agent!

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Jett As Valorant Duelist Agent

Jett Valorant
Jett in Valorant's Agent Selection Menu. Source: VCGamers

Jett is a duelist agent who supports the aggressive playstyle of Valorant. His unique skill provides mobility as well as a bit of area control that can block enemy vision.

His first skill is named Cloudburst. By activating this skill, Jett will throw a smoke that can block the enemy's sight for 4 and a half seconds.

Updraft is the second skill which when the player activates it will launch Jett vertically, giving it mobility so it can reach high areas.

Of course, by reaching a high area, players are able to make peeks that are profitable and unexpected by the enemy.

The third skill or signature skill that Jett has is Tailwind or Dash. This skill received nerf on patch 4.08, so it requires players to activate the skill first before they can dash.

Before receiving a nerf, players can freely dash without having to activate skills first. In addition, after receiving a nerf, if a player activates a skill and doesn't dash, the skill will disappear.

So, even if the player doesn't dash, the player will consume the skill and must kill two enemies to be able to activate it again.

His ultimate skill called Blade Storm gives Jett a very accurate set of throwing knives. Left-click to throw a knife and receive it again after killing an enemy. If the player right-clicks, Jett will throw the remaining knife but will not receive the knife again after killing the enemy.

How to Get Jett

Jett Valorant Contract
Jett Valorant Contract Tier Rewards. Source: VCGamers

Players will immediately get Jett after completing the tutorial. Besides Jett, players will get Sage, Sova, Brimstone, and Phoenix.

If the player activates the Jett contract, then there are various prizes that are unique to Jett agents. When players complete tier 10, players will get a Sheriff skin called Game Over.

The Sheriff's skin has a cloud pattern and is blue in color, characteristic of Jett who uses clouds as a smoke skill and blue is Jett's main color.

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Strengths of Jett Valorant

Jett Valorant Skill Combination
A combination of Cloudburst and Blade Storm Jett Valorant. Source: VCGamers

Jett has a skill set that really supports an aggressive style of play. As a duelist agent, players who use Jett are usually entry fraggers or players who enter an area for the first time.

With the help of the available skills, Jett is able to enter the area with a combination of the Cloudburst skill which blocks the enemy's sight and the Dash skill directly into the smoke.

Apart from that, players can also use the Updraft skill and immediately dash to enter the area unexpectedly. Of course, Vicigers don't forget to buy the available skills to help Jett's game.

Jett's ultimate skill is very useful and is assisted by other skills. This happens because even though Jett is running or floating in the air thanks to his passive skill and Updraft skill, the knife shot from the ultimate skill is still very accurate.

The advantages of Jett as a duelist agent with the availability of skills are very helpful for players with the entry fragger role. According to vlr. gg, even though Jett received a nerf, Valorant esports competitions still often use Jett, for example in LCQ APAC Jett still has a pick rate of 37%.

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Lack of Jett Valorant

Jett Valorant nerf
Tailwand Skill Activation Before Dashing. Source: VCGamers

Before Patch 4.08 arrived, Jett could use the Tailwind skill and dash directly. However, after patch 4.08, players must first activate the Tailwind skill before dashing.

Maybe it will be more difficult for players to get used to activating the Tailwind skill first. In addition, there is a time limit of 12 seconds to dash, so if 12 seconds have passed after using the Tailwind skill, players cannot dash.

What Jett lacks apart from his Tailwind skill is his ultimate skill which requires precision aiming. If it hits the enemy's head or headshot, the enemy will immediately die. However, when it hits the body, the damage from one knife is only 50.

Even though Jett will get the knife back if he kills an enemy, if the player fails to hit the knife then the ultimate will be useless.

Thus the discussion about Jett Valorant. To top up Valorant Points, please visit VC Market by VCGamers! Enjoy the available promos and cash back!

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