5 Tips to Get Lots of FF Kills in the Early Game

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Early game is the easiest period for players to get some kills in Free Fire Max, because their enemy might not have gotten the full equipment yet. Check this post for tips on getting lots of FF kills easily.

The early game is perhaps the most chaotic period of Free Fire matches. Depending on their landing location, players may encounter crossfire and gunfire as soon as they land.

However, early in the game, players usually lack good weapons and equipment, which makes them easy to take down.

In this article, we will show you 5 tips to get lots of FF kills in the early game Free Fire.

Tips for Getting Lots of FF Kills

Try To Land Faster

Tips for Getting Lots of FF Kills

Wait until the plane is relatively close to your chosen landing location before jumping. Furthermore, do not manually open the parachute, this will slow down the landing speed, giving the enemy a chance to advance.

With Free Fire being BR, first landing is very important, because you will be able to get weapons first and shoot enemies when they try to loot. With tips on getting lots of FF kills, it's guaranteed to be automatically rich in loot.

Let the parachute automatically deploy when you hit the ground. Players may wish to use a falcon pet to increase their gliding/parachuting speed.

Landing in the hot-drop zone all but guarantees an early exit from the game. While many professionals survive, most will survive within seconds. However, the hot-drop zone is the best place to secure kills.

Because of this, players can choose to execute a risky but rewarding strategy. Instead of landing in the middle of the hot-drop zone, they can land at the edges.

Once sufficient equipment and ammunition have been secured, they can create a kill zone and eliminate spinning opponents out of the area.

Playing Around the Edge of the Safe Zone

Tips for Getting Lots of FF Kills

The tip for getting lots of FF kills is playing around the edge of the safe zone can be a good strategy if players are unsure of their ability to rotate.

This way, they can quickly move to a safe place when the zone shrinks. Furthermore, when playing on the edge of the safe zone, players may be able to score a few kills on rotating opponents.

Trapping players while the zone is shrinking is very effective, as they must choose between taking zone damage and getting out of their safe position.

Know When to Back Down

Tips for Getting Lots of FF Kills
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It is important for players to know when to back off when the enemy is pushing and has the upper hand. Getting shot in a crosshairs just because your HP is low is no fun. If you get shot at first, just run and heal before coming back.

Don't try to save medkit and gloo if you are in danger. Better to throw out some medkits and use a gloo wall while retreating, than to waste the whole match dying early in the game.

Most players tend to avoid opponents. They either don't have a clear shot or they fear they won't be able to secure a kill for an opponent's counterattack.

However, every missed shot is a missed opportunity to secure a kill. Sometimes the opponent may be in poor health at the start of the game due to the constant fighting.

This makes them easy prey. If players can land a few good shots, they will increase their K/D ratio easily.

Play Defense and Hide

Tips for Getting Lots of FF Kills

Playing defense is also one tips to get lots of FF kills. While playing aggressively gets you more kills, it's also riskier and might get you killed.

Before getting a good set of armor and helmets, it's better to just scout and camp until a few players are eliminated.

If obstructions and cover are not a practical option, a surprise attack is always a good backup plan. Instead of dealing with opponents while they move, players have to wait until they start posing somewhere.

With the thought of finding equipment, he didn't really care about his surroundings. Players can take the opportunity to sneak in and use weapons to kill quickly.

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Play After the Fight

Tips for Getting Lots of FF Kills

Living in a known location is never a good idea. It is important for players to rotate after each fight. If you hold out too long, opponents who detect your location can spin around and flank or stab you in the back.

Spinning at the right time saves players from being rushed too. Smart rotations can give players a drop on any enemy trying to raid old locations.

The early game stage of every match is a chaotic time for every player in Free Fire. Depending on where they landed, they would be up to their necks in the crossfire and gunfire.

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However, for all, securing a good number of kills in this time frame is not easy. There are several factors to consider, and some things can go wrong. However, by following some of the tips for getting lots of FF kills above, you should be able to secure more kills easily.

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