How to Easily Counter the Skyler FF Character, Failed OP!

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There are several easy ways and tips to easily counter the Skyler FF character. He is indeed known as one of the OP characters in battle. Then, you should be able to beat him in this way.

The Skyler FF character is a character that is the result of a collaboration between Garena Free Fire with a famous Vietnamese singer named Sơn Tùng M-TP.

Skyler has an active skill ability (Riptide Rhythm), which is capable of emitting sound waves forward and damaging five enemy gloo walls within 100 meters at the highest level.

Not only that, the active effect of Skyler FF's character skills can also restore HP every time he uses a gloo wall and has a short cooldown. It's no wonder that many players have a hard time beating him in battle.

So, on this occasion, we want to share some tips on how to easily fight the Skyler FF character. Want to know any tips to fight it? Immediately, see the review of the following article.

Skyler FF Character Counter Trick

Always Use Gloo Wall

Skyler FF character
gloo wall

The first tip on how to deal with the Skyler FF character is to install enough Gloo Walls. You can install one Gloo Wall first to seduce the enemy to open his active skill set.

If the enemy is asked to use their active ability to destroy the Gloo Wall, you can install multiple Gloo Walls at once without having to worry about being destroyed by the enemy. 

This Skyler character has the ability to destroy Gloo Walls, and it doesn't take long to destroy Gloo Walls. Get into the defense right away, because the Gloo Wall is easy to destroy.

So if you are fighting this character, make sure to install only 1 or 2 Gloo Walls. Since this will entice players to use it, use its powers to destroy the Gloo Wall. After Skiller's active skill comes out, you can easily put up some gloo walls against him.

Don't Let Him Put Up a Shield or a Gloo Wall

Skyler FF character
Enemy Position

The next tip for dealing with this character is don't let the Skyler FF character use Gloo Wall. In addition to the ability to destroy the gloo wall. This character can also regain a lot of HP every time he uses Gloo Wall. Of course, he would outlast enemy attacks.

But don't worry, you can push to defend the enemy, from throwing grenades to constant damage from the attack, so that later the enemy cannot install Gloo Wall and the attack effect – health cannot be activated. 

In addition to active skills, this new character has skills that also become passive. Where later those who use Gloo Wall using Skyler will get more treatment in general in one installation of Gloo Wall.

So to deal with this character's passive, don't forget to suppress Skyler's defense. To confuse him with Gloo Wall or attacks, because the healing of 1 Gloo Wall is very good.

Hiding Behind the Wall

Skyler FF character
Free Fire

Another tip on how to deal with the Skyler FF character is to hide certain obstacles. While Skyler can quickly destroy Gloo Walls, you can hide behind solid obstacles like boulders, trees, house walls, boxes and other obstacles.

This is to prevent the enemy from using the Skyler FF character's active ability to destroy the Gloo Wall. Apart from hiding behind obstacles, you also need to pay attention to the movements of the enemies around you. 

You can also use sick weapons. This method applies to all players who want to end it or any character. Because using the most painful weapon in Free Fire can cause great damage to the enemy. Enemies will be killed faster.

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Fight It From a Distance

Skyler FF character

Another tip on how to face the Skyler FF character is to play away or long distance. Because the sound wave effect can only destroy the Gloo Wall within 100 meters. So you can take advantage of these weaknesses to attack enemies from a distance of more than 100 meters.

Of course, you'll need to use high-powered weapons, such as AWM, which can cause massive damage at a distance. Weapons that are so high make it easier for you to fight them in matches.

As you know, the sound wave effect can destroy Gloo walls at a distance of 100 meters, so you can safely use it from a long distance.

This will prevent Skyler's character's active skill. Therefore, it is recommended to use the best Free Fire weapons with long ranges. So it can be easy to end it remotely.

Of course, to keep suppressing the enemy's defenses, you must use the Free Fire Rush Opportunity, so that later it will be difficult for him to move forward and attack the area.

In this way, we can't deny that Rush has become something we shouldn't ignore. Especially if you like Skyler's counter, you have to control your enemies in the same way.

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Above are some tips on how to counter the Skyler FF character. These tips can definitely come in handy.

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