5 Painful ML Heroes With Deadly Gameplay, Enemies Run Away!

The Most Agile Tank Hero

Not many people know about these 5 sickest ML heroes. Where they have deadly gameplay that can make enemies run away in fear.

In MOBA games like Mobile Legends, basically you need a strong hero. Hero selection must be based on compatibility in the current meta. Like the current Mobile Legends, this latest patch has a much more diverse meta.

Then there is the newest name for today's patch, which is meta tank. There are many upgraded tank heroes like Grock in this meta. As a result, the rise in prestige of tank heroes also affects the selection of heroes on other lines to complete the perfect composition in a team. 

In this article, we will provide 5 of the sickest ML heroes that are suitable for building deadly teams in the latest meta. Who are these sick ML heroes? Check out the full explanation in the review below.

List of the sickest ML heroes


The Painful ML Hero

Cecilion's mid blade is ideal for charging due to his lethality and ultimacy. ML heroes hurt in rank matches, which your opponent must watch out for.

The more stacks you have, the more the damage will increase. So that when the game is almost over, many opponents are warned about its appearance.

Not to mention that when Cecilion was attacked nearby, there was an ending that had a healing effect. In addition, there was an effect on movement speed, so that when the opponent tried to approach Cecilion, he could keep his distance.

Cecilion is a famous hero today. Cecilion, who is known as a mage with high explosive damage and high hero type, is a priority in the professional and high level scene.

Using Cecilion is also an easy mechanism. Apart from playing distance, Cecilion has combination skills that are actually not difficult to use. This makes it suitable for everyone. 


The Painful ML Hero

The next sick ML hero is here Grock. The latest patch released by Moonton really pushed Grock on a deadly journey. Grock is basically like a tank or roamer Hero, but the latest patch changes the Hero to a former resident bodyguard.

Damage skills and endings are very painful and can even cause enemy heroes to die instantly. This newest meta-tank makes it difficult to take on Grock while they are at work or in combat.


The Painful ML Hero

The next on the list of sickest ML heroes is from a Tank, who changes his orbit in the jungle. Latest meta Hero Baxia pose a threat to the enemy team.

The armor on it is tough and the damage to Baxia is fatal. Baxia also has the ability to facilitate this spinning top. Besides that, Baxia also ends with permanent damage.

Once activated, this hero can unlock well in battle, so Baxia is the right choice for jungle heroes for today's metatanks.

It can be seen from his specialization, Baxia can be a good initiator because he has Shield in several skills. Baxia is nicknamed Black Turtle, maybe in other skills it is an iron ring that gives a CC effect and looks like a spike.

Baxia activates the Baxia brand permanently, reducing the final damage win to 28-56 (amount increases with hero level).

At the same time, Baxia will reduce the impact of the opponent's changes by reducing skills by 30 percent in 4 seconds.


The Painful ML Hero

One of the sickest ML heroes is Hylos. Hylos is the right choice to fill space as a roamer. Hylos has quite hard armor and a lot of HP. Movement speed also supports rotating motion. Not to mention a series of skills that are very useful in various situations such as ganking or teamfight.

In addition, the end of Hylos is very useful for starting a war. Because the track that comes from the latest Hylos will increase the speed and change the HP on that track. In addition, the last step can be used to escape if Vicigers friends lose the battle. 

He has cc skill abilities and deals fatal damage. Hylos is the most recommended hero that you can use against Assassin and Fighter heroes with a high level of dexterity.

Skill Three (Glorious Pathway) Hylos creates a path in six seconds, Hylos restores 3 percent of maximum HP and is immune to all slow effects. Meanwhile, team heroes gain a 60 percent increase in movement speed and a 70 percent decrease in movement speed for opponents.

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Popol and Kuppa

The Painful ML Hero
Popol Kupa

Popol and Kuppa are the answer to the gold mining business and both are among the sickest ML heroes at the moment. Popol and Kuppa are one of the shooter heroes that are deadly and make it difficult for the opposing team.

Each skill has the effect of playing an important role in battle. Skill 3 mine placement can alert opposing heroes if they want to hide in the grass. Skill 2 can cause a stun effect when the opponent's hero is nearby.

Skill 1 can cause damage according to the desired destination. His last added more pain damage and faster attack speed. This, Popol and Kuppa today is one of the best shooters in the latest patch. 

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After you know the 5 sickest ML heroes with the deadliest gameplay above, you should be able to get the best choice. Which one will you use?

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