Best Fanny Gameplay Tips in Mobile Legends 2022

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As a Fanny hero user, you must know how to use it properly. So, here are the best Fanny gameplay tips on Mobile Legends 2022 that you can apply in the game.

Fanny has three skills in total. One of his flagship skills is a skill called Steel Cable. This skill can be called the most prominent unique skill of the game.

He can swing around using walls and other obstacles with Steel Cables. Also, this skill can be spammed multiple times. You can spam the skill before it resets again.

Thus some cables can be seen up to 7-8. More cables, more opportunities to do Fanny's amazing gameplay. to dominate every game with him.

Therefore, you must remember that fast and more cables will only increase performance. Also, it will help mark squishy heroes easily and escape from difficult situations.

In addition, cabling will consume a lot of energy so the user will have to crash into enemies to keep the energy healthy. 

The other two skills are useful for destroying enemies. Lastly, passive will increase its damage by stacking marks on the enemy. You must know about the skills that will be used in certain scenarios and combo skills to be able to play Fanny's gameplay to the fullest.

MLBB Fanny Gameplay Tips

Fanny has become a signature hero for MLBB. A little surfing on the internet about heroes and thousands of montages can be found from some crazy gameplay.

A good him can make the enemy difficult, but a bad him is just a burden to the team. Since he is one of the toughest heroes in the game, he takes a lot of practice to master.

Early Game

Game Fanny
Early Game

Every regular player has faced one monster Fanny that destroys the team. To do so, you have to be pretty good and focus on some key critical points like cables, buff time, kill execution and gank time.

At each stage of the match, there is some important work to be done for him. He requires a lot of energy which means the Purple buff is a must for him.

You have to use his passive to deal extra damage and then follow up with the ulti and first skill. When fighting near walls, cable spamming is a mandatory technique that must be learned. So all this potential must be used properly to outperform the enemy with it. 

In the early game, take the Purple buff at any cost. Because without Fanny's buff, you won't be able to participate in skirmish properly. Since Fanny's gameplay is an early to mid-game baller, try to start the fight earlier after reaching Lvl. 4.

If you accidentally miss the Purple buff then it's a wise decision to wait until the next respawn and avoid unnecessary fights.

Try to avoid counter heroes and focus on the enemy mage or marksman. Don't die a lot in the early phase because those who farm low can't do much at each stage of the game.

Try to secure a kill whenever an enemy with low HP is spotted. Be careful with enemy team stun heroes like Eudora, Khufra, Saber, etc.

Mid Game

Game Fanny
Mid Game

In the mid game phase focus on goals and farming. Try to stay ahead of gold as much as possible. Fight whenever an enemy is next to the wall, as he can swing almost indefinitely between enemies. Always focus on the back line squishy heroes.

If there is an incorrect initiation and the cable is accidentally disconnected, it would be better to reject the initiation. If possible, try to connect and steal enemy Purples to keep the energy bar healthy for the long haul.

In the mid game, Fanny's gameplay shines the most, so you'll be able to choose kills and make a huge difference in gold.

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Late Game

Game Fanny
Late Game

The more the game progresses to the next phase, the more fragile Fanny's gameplay will appear. The enemy team will take anti-heal items and other defensive measures to stop them. Also, the squishy heroes will take their counter items for him

So you have to look out for the perfect opportunity. One important thing to remember for her is that she herself is very slippery. Therefore, build defense items according to the composition of the enemy team. After the initial damage item, he can easily build a defense item for him.

If the team is behind in the game, try to push lane which will keep the enemy busy. Combo with team and defeat low HP heroes. Escape from tight situations and re-engage using cables. In short, take advantage of it by spinning fast all the time.

Although over the years there have been many counter hero releases for him like Khufra, Minsitthar, Saber, etc but either way he still throws a tantrum when in good hands. This hero can easily dive into enemy formations quickly and deadly.

He can beat the opponent's marksman or mage in seconds. This hero is very complicated to use but once the user gets used to the cable part and learns the nuances of the skill, he becomes a fierce killer on the battlefield.

He is an amazing hero but he is seldom picked on in the professional arena. The reason might be because of his many hard counter heroes.

Even after being a difficult hero to play, Fanny was a joy to control for everyone. Her demand and popularity would never drop a drop because she was a loving face in the Land of Dawn.

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Fanny's gameplay tips will definitely help guide easy wins with her in Mobile Legends.

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