Tips for Choosing Weapons in PUBG Mobile, Making Shooting Easier!

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Although there are dozens of powerful weapons in PUBG Mobile, you have to be smart in choosing which weapon in PUB Mobile is right to use in all situations. We have provided tips on choosing weapons in PUBG which make shooting easier.

Guns are the most important thing in shooting games like PUBG Mobile. To kill enemies more easily and get WWCD (Winner Winner Chicken Dinner), you must know which weapon is right to use in all combat situations.

Here are some tips on choosing the right weapon in PUBG Mobile for close, medium or long range combat.

Tips for Choosing Weapons in PUBG

Tips for choosing the best weapons in PUBG will make you far more defensive, because gunplay will often be claimed by those of you who have high damage weapons than those who use simple pistols.

While any weapon is enough to kill in PUBG, getting that Chicken Dinner will require you to learn the ins and outs of all the best PUBG weapons, which scopes are the best, which ammo each weapon requires, and much more.

From shotguns, to snipers that can shoot wings from hundreds of meters away, there is a lot to learn and we are ready to help you with the following tips on choosing a weapon in PUBG.

Melee Weapon

Tips for Choosing Weapons in PUBG

Tips on choosing weapons in PUBG Mobile for melee weapons are very important for you to pay attention to. Close combat is when the enemy is right in front of you or less than 50 meters. For this distance, the AKM and M762 are very powerful.

AKM and M762 use 7.62mm ammunition which deals greater damage than Assault Rifle (AR) weapons that use other ammunition. Because close combat has a high risk, you also need protection such as helmets and vests.

Intermediate Weapons

Tips for Choosing Weapons in PUBG

After close combat, there is mid range combat with an efficient range of around 150 meters to 250 meters.

The weapon we recommend the most is the M416 with a 4x or 6x scope, depending on the tastes and needs of Vicigers friends. M416 is the first choice because it has lower recoil than other AR weapons.

If you can't find the M416, you can use a DMR (Designated Marksman Rifle) weapon like the Mini14 or SKS.

DMR-type weapons have high damage that can make enemies hit, or even kill them in 4-5 shots. Tips for choosing weapons in PUBG Mobile for medium range you can also use them for short or long distances.

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Range Weapons

Tips for Choosing Weapons in PUBG

As the name implies, long range combat occurs if the player shoots from a very long distance, more than 300 meters to be precise. There is one special weapon dedicated to long-range combat, namely the Sniper Rifle (SR).

SR is the number one choice for long distance combat because it is equipped with an 8x Scope. You can see enemy positions in great detail or from a great distance, making it easier to produce headshots that end in shots or instant kills.

Each SR bullet also has very fatal damage. If equipped with a suppressor, SR in the hands of a reliable sniper will become a deadly weapon that will return the enemy to the lobby in an instant.

Hard to find SR? DMR can also be used as an alternative. Even though the damage per hit is not as high as SR, DMR can be equipped with 8x Scope which is very important in long range combat.

Those are some tips for choosing the right weapon in PUBG for close, medium and long range combat in PUBG Mobile. Are you Vicigers friends ready for WWCD?

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