Fun! Chang'e MLBB Receives Buff in Latest Patch Update

Chang'e MLBB

Good news for users of the hero Chang'e in the game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB). Because, this hero with the role of Mage received a buff in update patch 1.6.50 which was just implemented some time ago.

Chang'e MLBB gets a buff in the latest patch update. So, this hero has more abilities than before.

Practically, the attacks and abilities of Chang'e MLBB who have received buffs will be even more painful for opposing heroes.

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Of course, this update will more or less affect your gameplay in the game. You can determine the most appropriate time to use skills that receive buffs from this one hero.

So, what did Chang'e MLBB receive in the latest patch update? Let's review all of Chang'e's skills at once.

Chang'e MLBB Receives Buff

MLBB's Chang'e received a buff. The skill of this one hero has also increased compared to before.

Let's take a look at the review of Chang'e MLBB's skill which received a buff in the latest patch update this time. We need to know this so we can play this hero better.

Passive Skill – Trouble Maker

Chang'e MLBB 1

The passive skill of Chang'e's hero is Trouble Maker. In-game. Chang'e will leave Mark to the enemy hero who is damaged by him.

Not just a Mark, but that mark will make the Damage from the next Chang'e skill increase until it reaches 2 percent to 40 percent.

Chang'e will receive 1 Stack Rabbit Blessing when successful he can make enemy heroes take damage.

He can exchange the 40 stacks he has after making the 30 Magic Attack he has permanently increase.

When eliminated, this one hero will lose up to 15 of his Stacks.

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Skill 1 – Starmoon Shockwave

Chang'e MLBB Starmoon Shockwave

Next, namely Skill 1 from Chang'e. Skill 1 Chang'e MLBB is called Starmoon Shockwave.

This one hero will send Energy Balls forward. The Energy Ball will give up to 300 (+ 120 percent Total Magic Power) (Magic Damage) to the opposing hero. Then, make the opposing hero hit by a 20 percent slow effect. Later, this will take place within 1.5 seconds.

(Crescent Moon): Crescent Moon will send 4 Energy Balls with Chang'e's. Each of these Energy Balls will provide 20 percent Damage which makes the opposing hero affected by the slow effect. The slow effect can be stacked up to 40 percent.

When using this skill, Chang'e will summon a halo of moonlight to a predetermined location. This will continuously reduce the Movement Speed of the opposing hero.

Chang'e will also pull the opponent's hero into the circle area and then deal Magic Damage.

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Skill 2 – Crescent Moon

Chang'e MLBB Crescent Moon

Skill 2 Chang'e namely Crescent Moon. Chang'e will summon Crescent Moon when this skill is activated.

Crescent Moon will deal 20 (+20% Total Physical ATK) (+25% Total Magic Power) (Magic Damage) to enemy heroes.

Chang'e will also receive as many as 300 (+150 percent Total Magic Power) Shield. Apart from that, he will also get an additional Movement Speed of up to 15 percent.

Furthermore, when the Shield is active, Chang'e's Basic Attack will increase.

Crescent Moon will also give 20 (+20% Total Physical ATK) (+25% Total Magic Power) (Magic Damage) to opposing heroes.

This one hero will release as many as 5 Moon Blades in a row. It will deal Magic Damage to the enemy hero who is hit the first time. Then, the opposing heroes around him will get 60 percent Magic Damage.

Moon Blade will cause a Stun effect when 3 Moonblades hit the same target. The Stun effect will appear once every 6 seconds.

In the latest update, Chang'e MLBB's Movement Speed has increased from the original 30 percent to 50 percent.

Meanwhile, for the next Movement Speed has decreased. From what was originally 15 percent, it is now 10 percent.

Furthermore, the total damage dealt from Basic Attack also gets a buff. From the original 40 +40 % Physical Attack + 50% Magic Power, now it has increased to 40 + 30 % Physical Attack + 70% Magic Power.

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Ultimate Skill – Meteor Shower

Chang'e MLBB Meteor Shower

Chang'e MLBB's ultimate skill is Meteor Shower. When using the ultimate, a rabbit missile will be launched by Chang'e towards the front.

The missile will continuously pursue targets at the closest distance to Chang'e. Then, the opponent's hreo that is hit by the missile will get Magic.

The missile will split into 6 small missiles when it hits the opponent's hero. Or, it will split into 6 smaller parts again if the missile is not hit by an opposing hero in the game.

Chang'e's Movement Speed and strength will increase by up to 20 % with a duration of 4 seconds.

Every time he uses this skill he will issue as many as 30 Meteors in front of him. Furthermore, each meteor will provide 50 (+30 % Total Magic Power) (Magic Damage) and provide an extra 100% Damage to Minions and Creeps. 

Meanwhile, when Crescent Moon issues Meteor with Chang'e it will give 33% of Damage.

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