Starting November, the Google Meet Deadline is Only 1 Hour!

We have had to do various activities online since the pandemic, such as meetings. You can hold meetings through platforms such as Zoom and Google Meet. However, the platform has a time limit and currently Google Meet is being hotly discussed regarding the time limit.

Rivaling video conferencing platforms Zoom this will provide a video call limit policy for one hour or 60 minutes. However, please note that these restrictions are for free Google Meet users.

This time, VCGamers will discuss the time limit when you use Google Meet. Come on, see the explanation below!

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Google Meet Deadline

One Hour Google Meet Deadline
Google Meet Main Page

You won't be able to access the free version of Google Meet later. This video communication service developed by Google will later have a time limit of 60 minutes or one hour.

However, the number of people who can join one service does not change, namely 100 people, depending on the type of account you have.

According to Google, users who use personal Google accounts can have up to 100 people in one video call.

Meanwhile, Google Workspace users for school or work can have more than 100 people, depending on the Google Workspace plan you use.

You can make video calls or meetings with three to more people for a duration of 60 minutes. When you use Google Meet for free up to the 55th minute, Google will give a warning signal about the end of the free video call.

If you want to extend the video call, the host can upgrade your Google account. If the host doesn't upgrade, the video call will end in the 60th minute.

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Google Meet Deadline Effective Date

Google Meet example
Google Meet example. Source: Google Workspace

According to the official page Google Meet, The implementation of this policy will start on November 2nd. After that date, you can only use Google meet for one hour for free.

When you open the Google Meet website, you will see this information. This information notification provides an option for those of you who want to increase the duration of the call, you must subscribe to a package, namely Google One Premium.

Google One Premium itself has a price of around Rp. 135,000 per month. Not only for extending video calls on the Google Meet platform, you can also get other benefits.

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How to Overcome Time Limitations

Google One Premium Deadline
Google One Premium

After November 2, 2022, Google Meet will become a paid video call meeting service. Free users can only hold meetings with 3 or more people for just one hour.

There is a notification that will appear in the 50th minute. The notification will give you the option to buy a premium package or the meeting will end in 10 minutes.

You will still be able to use Google Meet, but for a limited duration. There are ways you can do to overcome this. Let's see how below!

One way you can do this is to subscribe to Google Workspace and Google One Premium. Besides you getting unlimited Google meet, you can also access bigger Google Drive storage.

Thus the discussion regarding Google Meet time restrictions.

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