Cool! This is a Google Translate Feature that is Rarely Used

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Not many know about the features google translate which is very useful. Usually, this Google feature is only for translating. However, there are some features that are rarely used.

Google Translate is one of the most popular products for translation technology today. Apart from products from the well-known company Google, Google Translate was also chosen because of its various sophisticated functions.

Yes, Google Translate is a translation application that offers a wide selection of languages from many countries in the world. In addition, this one feature is also easily accessible through the website or smartphone application.

Want to know other Google translate features? Quoted from various sources, see the full review below.

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Google Translate's Best Features

Write Function

 Google Translate
Writing Function. Source: VCGamers

One of the basic functions of Google Translate is typing. In this feature, users can translate words or sentences by entering them into the application. The default font used is adjusted to the country of origin of each user.

As a translator feature, this feature allows you to translate by typing. Just write down what you want Viciger's friends to find meaningful. Even if you haven't finished writing, it will start translating. But it all depends on internet connection.

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Script Function

Google Translate
Google Translate. Source: VCGamers

The next part is handwriting. By using handwriting, users can type letters, words and sentences in the application.

Google Translate then translates the text into the words or sentences you enter in the target language. This function is indicated by the “pen” symbol at the top right of the screen.

Camera Translation Function

 Google Translate
Camera Translation. Source: VCGamers

Not only can translate written or typed words or phrases, Google Translate also offers a camera feature. To enjoy this feature, users only need to take a picture of the word or phrase they want to translate. The application automatically reads the image and translates it into the desired language.

This feature is especially useful if you are traveling to another country, especially with someone who speaks a very foreign language and is still having trouble writing or writing.

Point the camera at the text and Google Translate will translate it right for you. Even though sometimes it is still difficult to translate in full, you at least understand a little of what is written there.

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Voice Translation Function

Another less refined aspect is voice-to-text translation. Yes, Google Translate users can translate words or phrases using audio that's automatically uploaded to the app.

Voting must be done in text with the required translation language. The voice translator function can be used in both versions.

The first version with a microphone is represented by an image of a microphone and the conversational version is represented by an image of two people. In general, the two versions are similar, but audio can record audio automatically for a relatively long time.

Click Translate function

This click-to-click feature is so easy and useful for users Whatsapp or other instant messaging services. Where users can translate words or sentences directly into the messaging application without having to reopen Google Translate.

It's easy, activate Google Translate by clicking Translate in the "Settings" menu. Once the message is available, simply copy the message you want to translate and click on the icon of this feature that appears. Then the translation will appear automatically.

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Transcript is one of the latest advanced features in this feature that allows users to record and translate live conversations.

If so, there are eight foreign languages that can be translated, including English, French, German, Indian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Thai.

The advantage of this transcription function is that it allows long-term translation. In addition, the translation results can be displayed directly on the screen.

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Translate Offline

The last interesting part of Google Translate that you should try is translating languages offline. This feature is very convenient for users, especially when there is no internet. There are many more users who think that Google Translate is only available when the device is connected to the Internet.

This method can be used by downloading the main language of the desired destination country. To use this feature, simply select the "Offline translation" menu then select the language you want to use. Don't worry about the results, because the results are guaranteed to be accurate.

You can use it without having to use a less stable internet connection if you need it, because it keeps conversations offline. Just select the desired language and should download it.

This language only takes up about 40 to 50 MB of space on your smartphone. If you don't need it anymore, throw it away.

If you need to translate several sentences frequently, you will save time. Every time you translate something, it appears on the main Google Translate screen. Click the star icon to save it to the Phrasebook.

To access saved translations, tap the menu icon and then tap Phrasebook. Here you can use the search icon to find specific translations and click on the star icon to get items from the list.

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