WhatsApp: Development of the 'Disappearing Messages' Feature to 24 Hours

Disappearing Messages new feature whatsapp

WhatsApp seems to have heard your prayers, potato cell phone owners* with 16GB of internal memory, or even still 8GB? Does 32GB in 2021 include potatoes too?

*re: A versatile cell phone with a small internal memory capacity

Some time ago, it was rumored that WhatsApp was carrying out further development on the feature Disappearing Messages theirs.

Previously, this feature didn't even have an option for deleting chats, it could only be set with a 7x24 hour window.

Now Whatsapp is reportedly preparing to develop features Disappearing Messages the deletion time can be set up to 1×24 hours. Interesting right?

As reported by WABetaInfo, this feature will soon be available via an official update for the Android, iOS and Web/Desktop versions of the WhatsApp application. However, it is not certain when the latest feature update will be released.

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Feature benefits Disappearing Messages on the WhatsApp application

  • Automatically increase smartphone memory space

As we alluded to in the opening sentence of this article, the news is that WhatsApp will soon be developing features Disappearing Messages is a joyous thing for you potato cell phone owners.

This feature, which previously only had the option to delete conversations after 7 days, is now rumored to be adding options for deleting conversations up to 1×24 hours at the fastest.

So, you don't need to bother deleting your chats one by one like you usually do.

Oia, this feature will be useless if you haven't turned off the automatic media download feature in the WhatsApp settings, so make sure you have disabled it, so media that is not important for you to see doesn't download automatically.

  • No need to save unimportant chats

For example, if you are the type of person who has many WhatsApp groups, this feature might help you.

How could that be? Yes, of course you can. For example, you have a residential WhatsApp group containing neighbors where you live, where every day maybe the chats in the chat are too noisy, for example political/religious chats that you might not like.

Now, with this feature, especially after an update that allows you to delete conversations after 24 hours, you don't need to be bothered by reading those chat conversations that aren't important, or piling up notifications. unread messages.

  • Support secret chat

For those of you who often have secret chats with family, friends, or boyfriends, or maybe an affair? Feature Disappearing Messages This can help you to keep the conversation between you a secret.

Like vanish mode on Instagram, which allows users to send DM messages only once and will disappear by itself after the recipient of the message sees the message or when the chat is closed by the sender.

This feature will more or less have the same features later, and is suitable for those of you who don't like to keep WhatsApp conversations for a long time

How to enable and disable features Disappearing Messages

For those of you who previously did not know about the presence of this feature, we will provide steps so that you can activate and deactivate this feature easily.

Step 1: select the contact or group that you want to activate this feature

Step #1 Disappearing Messages
Step #1 Disappearing Messages

Step 2: click continue in the message box that appears

Step #2 Disappearing Messages
Step #2 Disappearing Messages

Step 3: select the on/off option for this feature

Step #3 Disappearing Messages
Step #3 Disappearing Messages

Well, above is an example of several steps to activate and deactivate the feature Disappearing Messages easily.

Don't forget to turn off this feature if you feel you don't need it anymore, or you will still lose conversations after 7 days or a predetermined time later.

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