Here are 10 Fun and Exciting Offline Battle Royale Game Options

Android offline battle royale game

Including the annoying factor when playing the Android battle royale game, namely lag due to bad internet.

Generally, Android games require that the device must always be connected to the internet. Even so, it turns out that there are several choices of offline battle royale games for the Android platform that are still fun to play.

Check all the games below.


SeaBattle 2

This is the first recommendation for an offline battle royale game for Android devices. If in the past there was a game with the title Battleship, players would understand the similarities with this one game. So the player starts the game by placing a number of ship units on the board, then taking turns launching missiles. The game will be over if one player loses all the ships used. This ship war game can be run via a Bluetooth connection between friends without the need for internet.

Blood Rivals

This offline battle royale game has similarities with similar online games, for example Free Fire or PUBG Mobile. This battle game also adopts similar rules to the online battle royale game, for example, a narrower map, changing weapons, and much more.


Is an exciting open world RPG game where the appearance is kept simple and cute. For fans of RPG games or games about cats, please try it to feel how exciting it is. In this offline battle royale game, players play the role of a cat who explores various regions to face monsters to free his brother who was kidnapped by the monster Drakoth. How did the cat have fun during his trip?


It is a game with the concept of CCG (Cultist Card Game) in which players act as sect leaders with the mission of summoning or resurrecting "God". Players are provided with various choices that must be passed in the form of cards. Players also have to take advantage of the resources collected and respond to achieve the expected goals.

Metal Slugs 3

Metal Slug is a 2D side scrolling shooting game where players have to shoot while avoiding enemy attacks that were popular several years ago. Now, Metal Slug 3 is available on the Android platform and you don't need an internet connection because playing this game with friends can be done with just a Bluetooth connection.

For this offline battle royale game, it's not like PUBG Mobile or Free Fire, but Fortnite if you pay attention to the graphics displayed. As with other battle royale game formats, requires players to be able to save themselves by eliminating opponents so they can occupy the last man standing. What makes this game interesting is the build wall and stair features that are commonly found in Fornite games. This game is actually an online game, it's just that it also offers an offline mode.

Night of the Full Moon

The choice of games with card formats that are really fun to enjoy. This game carries the principle of combining card games with RPG games. Players play the role of a small child with a red hood who will look for the grandmother who is lost in the forest. Players can take their own jobs provided starting from ranger, lady knight, Nun, Little witch, and many more. Each job offers its own skills that can be executed in the form of cards. This offline battle royale game is quite interesting and unique. Even though this game can be enjoyed for free, it's just that players have to spend some money in order to open other types of jobs that can be run in Night of the Full Moon.


Games with the concept of many players do not have to compete with other players. Unlike several previous games, Bounden only needs one device to play it. So Bouden is played by two people who each hold the upper and lower ends of the cellphone. The task is to move the finger so that the balls that come out on the screen are always in the center area. This game is suitable to be enjoyed in your spare time just to pass the time.


Game with the title Dual is the king of offline battle royale games for the Android platform. If players also like Hago, they will certainly notice some similarities to Dual. Like Hago, Dual also offers a variety of games to choose from and then enjoy with other people. Players can take advantage of a bluetooth connection, or they can also use a portable hotspot connection.

Lord of Zombies

It is an interesting choice of offline Action RPG games to try. Here players play the king of Zombies to go around looking for and killing the human race. After being killed, the human corpses are then resurrected into zombies which will strengthen the troops in hunting down living humans. Various tensions will be found in this offline battle royale game for Android.

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