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lokapala game
Not only from abroad, it's time for Indonesian gamers to be proud of games made by their own nation's children. No less great than other popular games, recently a domestically made game called Lokapala was introduced. The Lokapala game is an interesting nuance in the MOBA genre game industry in Indonesia. How exciting and interesting game Lokapala this? Check the following review.
Game Lokapala is the first debut made by the nation itself which should be appreciated. The game title Lokapala comes from Sanskrit, namely Loka which means world, and Pala which means guard. So Lokapala can be interpreted as the Guardian of the World. This game made by the developer Anantarupa Studio can be played by all ages.
Indonesian players certainly deserve to be proud because there are Indonesian sons trying to develop games with the MOBA or Multiplayer Online Battle Arena concept. MOBA is a game genre that is in demand by world and national game players. Of course, there are many interesting things about this Lokapala game, so there's no harm in trying it. The interesting sides of the Lokapala game include:

Smoothly run from potato mobile

Those who happen to only have a cellphone with limited specs, the Lokapala game is the right choice. With a file size of only 320 MB, it is certainly lighter than similar MOBA games. Compare that to Mobile Legends, which has a capacity of 1 GB. There are no more incidents of lag when you're having fun attacking enemies.

Domestic MOBA game

This is the first game made by Indonesians and also a pioneer for Southeast Asia. The Lokapala game was released for the first time in May 2020. The rules of the game Lokapala are as interesting as other MOBA games. Moreover, Lokapala also offers a bigger battlefield. It is not impossible that Lokapala will also have its own tournament in a national and even global eSports event.
The Lokapala game still uses hero types in most MOBA games. The ranks of Ksatriyas are grouped into several categories including Ksatriya Tank, Fighter, Marksman, Mage, Assassin to Ksatriya Support. The Match Making mechanism works well, even though it takes quite a long time compared to similar games. This fact is understandable because the Lokapala game still has only 100,000 players because it was released recently. There is also a Buyback mode which is at most 3 times. This is almost similar to the AoV and DOTA 2 games even though the buyback is without using coins.

Stunning Visual Quality

Even though the Lokapala game has just debuted, the visual quality that is presented really fascinates the eye. Just look at the display on the battlefield which is rich with fantasy. On the front screen, players can find 4 main menus consisting of Preparation to improve items, spells and spells, Missions to complete Quests, Yantras which are similar to emblems, and Ksatriyas, which are a range of heroes to choose from.
The visuals on the front page of the lokalapa game are truly stunning. There is a 3D effect of a dashing Knight staring ahead and swinging. Then for the list of Ksatriyas, 3D effects are displayed for each hero played. Players can rotate the Ksatriya's body so that the front and back can be clearly seen. This kind of 3D touch has never been seen in previous MOBA games.

Indonesian culture

This game was made by Indonesians so that various national cultural treasures are also included. These include the names of items, locations, moves and also heroes who use the term Ksatriya. Players also find terms similar to Gold, Battle Points and Diamonds which are used to buy heroes and attributes. The difference is, Lokapala named Diamond with Citrine. You could say that the Lokapala game tells about the legends of the archipelago and Indonesian culture which are included as elements of today's games. With Lokapala, it is hoped that it can introduce archipelago culture to the world community.

Top Leaderboards

Because the Lokapala game has just been launched, of course the number of players is certainly still small. However, this is an opportunity for players to occupy the Top Leaderboard more easily in a short time. It is not impossible for players to become pro players in eSports events. For this reason, novice players can start learning the Lokapala game by mastering the existing Ksatriya roles.
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