Strongest Khufra Build Item Recommendations 2022

Khufra mobile legends advantages and disadvantages

You can use the strongest Khufra build item in 2022 in the game. You can use this Khufra build item as a recommendation for fighting in the game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

Khufra is a hero with a role as a Tank. He is often used by players in the Mobile Legends game.

You can choose a number of items available in the Mobile Legends game. But, it will certainly have an impact on your playing in the game.

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If you are right in buying the strongest Khufra build item, then the hero game you use will be unmatched. The same goes for when you are wrong. What you don't want can happen.

You can become a burden on the team because purchasing the wrong build item can make your attack or defense less than optimal.

Therefore you have to choose the strongest Khufra build item so you can win when fighting with opposing heroes in the game.

Khufra Mobile Legends skills

Strongest Khufra Build

Khufra has a number of skills in the game. To determine the strongest Khufra build item, you also have to be able to understand the skills of this tank hero.

By understanding Khufra's skills, it will be easier for us to use him in the game. Of course, by paying attention to a number of things.

Like, being on the most suitable lane and attacking and defending at the most appropriate time.

Apart from that, we also communicate well with players in the same team so we can determine the best game strategy that we can do.

Immediately, let's review Khufra's skills in Mobile Legends.

passive – Spell Curse

Khufra's Passive Skill is Spell Curse. Khufra's Basic Attack will get stronger. Khufra's attack range is also getting further.

Apart from that, he will also provide Magic Damage of +120% Total Physical ATK) + 6 percent of the target's Max HP.

Khufra's Basic Attack will also cause a slow effect if it hits the target. The slow effect given is 30 percent in 1.5 seconds. Apart from that, it will also restore Khufra's Max HP up to 8 percent.

In addition, Khufra's Curse Spell Cooldown will be reduced by 4 seconds when using a Skill that causes a Crowd Control effect on opposing heroes.

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Skills 1 – Tyrant's Revenge

Khufra's 1st Skill is Tyrant's Revenge. When you use this skill, the hero will pull the bandage on his arm. After that, he would jump in a predetermined direction.

The attack deals Physical Damage of 50 plus 7(+1% Additional Physical ATK) of his Max HP to all enemy units in his path.

Khufra will stop when he has jumped to the farthest distance or hits the opponent's hero.

Then, deals Physical Damage equal to 50 plus 7(+1% Additional Physical ATK) of the Max HP he has. Then, cause an Airborne effect for 1.1 seconds.

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Skills 2 – Bounce Balls

Then, Khufra's Skill 2 is Bouncing Ball. When you use this skill, Khufra will use bandages to wrap him into a Magic Bouncing Ball.

Later, this will increase Khufra's Physical & Magic Defense by up to 30 percent.

The opposing hero will be affected by the Airborne effect when using the blink skill to pass from Khufra.

The Magic Bouncing Ball will deal Magic Damage when it hits the ground which is equivalent to 50 plus 3 (+2% Additional Physical ATK) which comes from the Max HP it has.

In addition, it also provides a Slow effect on opposing heroes up to 80% in a duration of 0.2 seconds.

Ultimate Skills – Tyrant's Rage

Next, Khufra's ultimate skill is Tyrant's Rage. He will pull the opponent's hero forward and give 300 (+ 100% Total Physical ATK) (Physical Damage). This skill also causes the opposing hero to be slowed down for 1.25 seconds.

Opponent heroes who are hit by this skill and hit a wall will get additional Physical Damage equivalent to 150 percent of Skill Damage.

After that, they will also be affected by the Stun effect which was previously the Slow effect.

Strongest Khufra Build 2022

After knowing the skills he has, we will review the strongest Khufra build. Here is the Khufra build that you need to know.

You can use this Khufra build to overcome deficiencies and also optimize the potential of your hero. This painful Khufra build was reported from the official Mobile Legends website. Let's listen!

Cursed Helmet

Cursed Helmet - Balmond's Painful Build Item

The item you need to buy is the Cursed Helmet. You need to buy this item to increase HP and Magical Defense.

You need to buy the Cursed Helmet when compiling the strongest Khufra build item.

This item has a Unique Passive-Burning Soul which will provide 1% Magic Damage per second which is equivalent to the Max HP of nearby opponents.

The damage will increase until it reaches 50 percent to Minion.

Warrior Boots – Conceal

Warrior-Boots - Barats build

The next item you need to buy is Warrior Boots. This item can provide additional Movement Speed of up to 40 and Physical Defense of 22.


Oracle is one of the Painful Build Estes items

The next item is Oracle. You need to buy this item to arrange Khufra build items.

This item also has a Unique Passive-Bless. This item's unique passive can increase Shield Absorption and HP Regen by 30%



The next item you need to buy is Immortality. You also need to buy this item when compiling the strongest Khufra build item.

Immortality has a Unique Passive-Immortal. Your hero will Resurrect 2.5 seconds when eliminated.

He will also get 16% HP and a Shield that can absorb up to 220-1200 Damage.

This scales with the Level of the hero. In addition, the Shield will last up to 3 seconds. This effect also has a cooldown of 210 seconds.

Dominance Ice

The next strongest Khufra build item needed is Dominance Ice. This item will provide additional Physical Defense up to 90.

Dominance Ice has a Unique Passive-Arctic Cold. This unique passive will also reduce the opponent's Shield and HP Regen Hero by 50% and Attack Speed by up to 30 percent.

Guardian Helmet

Guardian Helmet okay

The next strongest Khufra Build item that you need to buy is the Guardian Helmet. This item will provide 1550 HO and 100 HP Regen.

Unique Passive-Recovery from this item will Restore 1.5%-3.5% of Hero's Max HP every second. (Each kill or assist increases it by 0.25%, including kills and assists before purchase.) This effect will disappear within 5 seconds after taking damage.

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