Tips for Playing Lesley Mobile Legends, Really Accurate!

lesley mobile legends

Lesley Mobile Legends are heroes Marksman very strong. What are the best tips for playing Lesley?

So, this hero has very deadly Critical Damage. If you are good at using it in the game, then this hero will be very easy to eliminate opposing heroes in the Land of Dawn.

This time we want to give tips on how to use the hero Lesley on Mobile Legends, so keep watching until it's finished!

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Lesley Mobile Legends

lesley mobile legends

He served as teacher and protector of Harley, the sole heir. Lesley became a female sniper with a long rifle that belonged to her late father.

He had to close one eye to make sure he could shoot his enemy properly. You can find out about Lesley's story in Mobile Legends by reading the information below.

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Tips for Playing Lesley Mobile Legends

lesley mobile legends

Here are some tips that you can use when playing Lesley. To get this Marksman hero first is very easy, if you haven't bought the hero.

Lesley has very good skills, as one of the Marksman heroes with the farthest range, so these are some of the skills she has.

Lethal Shoot (passive skills)

Lesley Mobile Legends recovers 5 energy every time she hits an opponent with a Basic Attack. 1.2 times the damage will be done by her next basic attack if she doesn't take damage for five seconds.

The boosted attack will also give him a wider attack range and 50% more critical chance, and will do twice as much damage. (Lethal Shot) deals an additional 20% damage to minions.

Cooldown (Lethal Shot) is reset every time Lesley uses a skill. Lesley loses her 1% Critical Chance for every fixed amount of Physical Penetration she gains back (Physical Penetration percentage is unaffected).

Master of Camouflage (Skill 1)

Lesley enters Camouflage Mode and gets double energy recovery, 40% extra movement speed, and 75 physical attacks for 3 seconds. Dealing or taking damage ends this mode.

Tactical Grenades (Skill 2)

Lesley Mobile Legends throws a Tactical Grenade forward, which explodes in a fan-shaped area in front of her, causing Physical Damage to enemies and a knockback effect on them, meanwhile, Lesley steps back a little.

Ultimate Snipe (Skill 3)

Ultimate Snipe will immediately cancel and produce a Fatal Bullet (additional damage will be done if the Fatal Bullet has not finished shooting).

Lesley locks the enemy Hero in her hand and fires 4 deadly bullets in quick succession, each dealing 200 Physical Damage (+80% Additional Physical Attack) plus 5% HP the enemy loses and recovering 10 energy when it hits the Hero.

Other heroes will block using bullets. Lesley is able to recover some of the Cooldown skills, so the skills will stop immediately.

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What are the advantages of Lesley's Passive Skills

lesley mobile legends

Suggestions for those of you who use Lesley is to take advantage of her passive abilities, as previously mentioned, allowing her to increase basic attacks ( Basic Attack) .

Using Lesley's passive talents such as Master of Camouflage and Tactical Grenade can help you maximize the potential of this hero.

Maintain a distance

Keeping distance from Lesley is a step that you have to watch out for when using it. Lesley is more protected from enemy attacks, if she gets close or too close, she risks being attacked by Assassin heroes as opponents.

Using the Most Appropriate Build 

The next tip is to use the right Lesley build, because as we know Lesley's damage can be more lethal if used with the right build.

Those are tips that you can use in playing Lesley Mobile Legends, I hope to become a pro player in the future, okay!

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