Everything About Minecraft Stonecutter You Should Know

Minecraft Stonecutters

Of course, connoisseurs of this sandbox game already understand, that of the many Crafting Tools available, one of them is Stonecutter. Minecraft.

Yep, this one Crafting Tool can be said to have quite a special and specific function. This is obvious enough, even from the name alone.

So for those of you who may not have had the chance to use this tool and are curious about its functions, please refer to the following review, OK? Check it out right away!

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Minecraft Stonecutter as One of the Crafting Tools

Stonecutter As Minecraft Crafting Tools
Stonecutter As Minecraft Crafting Tools. Source: VCGamers

In the Minecraft universe, every tool has an important role in producing the Crafting products that players need. One tool that is often forgotten but has a very meaningful role is the Stonecutter.

How not, Stonecutter is a tool used in Minecraft to cut stone blocks into neater and various products. And that's all it does. Naturally, when finally the role Crafting This one tool is often forgotten.

Basically, the role of the existence of the Stonecutter itself is only as a more sophisticated alternative to processing stones than having to use the Crafting Table.

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Advantages of Using Stonecutter

Stonecutter Menu Display
Stonecutter Menu Display. Source: VCGamers

Seeing the explanation above, it's only natural that in the end Vicigers questioned the significance of the existence of the Stonecutter itself. But make no mistake, using Stonecutter has several advantages, you know, including:

  • The stonecutter cuts through these blocks more quickly and efficiently than the crafting table. This makes it an ideal tool for large projects involving lots of stone blocks;
  • The interface of the Stonecutter use menu is easier and more intuitive. Players just need to click on the block they want to cut and select the desired shape;
  • Stonecutter gives players a choice of various stone shapes that can be used in construction and decoration. This can inspire creativity and allow players to create more complex and interesting structures.
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How To Get Minecraft Stonecutters

Stonecutter can be categorized as one of the basic Crafting Tools. This is based on the difficulty of getting the Stonecutter itself.

There are two ways players can do to get this Stonecutter. And both of them can be spelled out easily.

Natural spawns

The first way is to get it from natural spawn results. As with other Crafting Tools, a Stonecutter can be found in one of the houses Villager.

If Vicigers If you ever find a village, and there is a stone craftsman (Mason) in it, it is very likely that Stonecutter will spawn as part of the 'decoration' of his house.

But of course this method has a minimal percentage of success and cannot be used as a reference.

This method can only rely on luck: sometimes a village has a Mason, and sometimes not.

Make it yourself

Materials for making Stonecutters
Materials for making Stonecutters. Source: VCGamers

Now the second way, and one that definitely has the possibility of getting 100%, is to make it yourself. And the materials needed for the Crafting itself are not hard to find Vicigers!

To make a Stonecutter, make sure you have Crafting Tables first. If so, the materials you need are one iron ingot and 3 stone blocks. The three stones can be the same type, or different.

Now regarding the manufacturing process, you can use the Crafting Table and select the Tools tab. When these materials are ready, the Stonecutter option will open immediately. Press/click on the option, and with just those two ingredients you can have a Stonecutter!

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So, that was the discussion about Stonecutter Minecraft. Not too complicated right? What we can be certain of is Vicigers You can immediately try the details above for yourself in your respective games! And always look forward to other articles about Minecraft, only at VCGamers News!

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