How to Make a Minecraft Blast Furnace that You Must Know

Blast Furnace Recipe

Play Minecraft not only about gathering and mining, but also includes crafting. And one aspect that should not be missed in crafting is how to make a blast furnace.

Yep, processing raw materials using a furnace has its own complications because it requires an understanding of the mechanics of the Minecraft world which is so complex.

For this reason, in this discussion, we will provide a way to make a Blast Furnace which must be known by all Vicigers connoisseur Minecraft. So, for those who are curious about the details, let's take a look at the following review!

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Blast Furnace Minecraft

Blast Furnace display
Blast Furnace display. Source: VCGamers

In universe open-world owned by Minecraft, Blast Furnace is one of the important tools that plays a major role in the process of casting (smelting) and metal processing.

This tool brings a new dimension to the game, giving players the ability to create metal blocks with great efficiency.

The Blast Furnace is one of the crafting tools introduced in Minecraft 1.14. This tool is used to process metal at a higher speed than an ordinary Furnace.

The smelting process with a Blast Furnace requires a shorter time than an ordinary Furnace.

For example, in a normal Furnace, iron ore takes 10 seconds to process into iron ingots.

Whereas in the Blast Furnace, this process only takes 5 seconds. This allows players to produce metal in greater quantities quickly.

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How to Make a Minecraft Blast Furnace

How to Make a Blast Furnace
How to Make a Blast Furnace. Source: VCGamers

Of course, to own and use a Blast Furnace, players must get it first.

This can be done in several ways, Vicigers can follow whichever way you find easier.

The first is to look for it in Villager houses, especially those who work as Armorers.

If you ever find a village and it includes the Armorer house spawn, you can take it for free!

But of course not every village gets Armorer spawns. That way this method can be said to be chancy because the distance between one village and another village is always quite a distance apart. If you don't have high luck, this method will be less effective.

And if that's the case Vicigers naturally, don't worry, there is a second way. And it's fairly easy too, with the certainty of getting a Blast Furnace up to 100%: make it your own!

Yep, you could say the Blast Furnace is a crafting block that isn't too complicated and can be made in the early game phase.

To make a Blast Furnace, players only need three main ingredients and all of them are items that are easy to find.

Basically, Blast Furnace is an upgraded form of Furnace. Therefore make sure Vicigers already have a Furnace first.

If so, the additional ingredients to turn it into a Blast are just five Iron Ingots and three Smooth Stones. Assemble it using the Crafting Table, and Vicigers auto has a Blast Furnace!

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Minecraft Blast Furnace Raw Materials or Recipes

Blast Furnace
Blast Furnace. Source: VCGamers

So, without going into detail, here are all the Blast Furnace raw materials available at Minecraft. These items can be smelted using a Blast Furnace to produce:

  • Copper Raw/Ore > Copper Ingot
  • Iron Raw/Ore > Iron Ingots
  • Gold Raw/Ore > Gold Ingots
  • Nether Gold Ore > Gold Ingot
  • Ancient Debris > Netherite Scrap
  • Ore Diamond > Diamond
  • Lapis Lazuli Ore > Lapis Lazuli
  • Ore Redstone > Redstone
  • Ore Coal > Coal
  • Emerald Ore > Emerald
  • Ore Nether Quartz > Nether Quartz
  • All Tools/Armor made from Iron > Iron Nugget
  • All Tools/Armor made from Gold > Gold Nugget
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So, that was the discussion about the Blast Furnace Minecraft recipe. Make sure to always read the ins and outs about other Minecraft, only at VCGamers News!

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