FF Ranked Event: Groza Operano Sheng Skin and More!

You can get the Groza Operano Sheng Skin for free only at the Free Fire OB34 update event which was released on May 25.
Free Fire Online
Free Fire OB34

At the FF ranked event, you can get the very cool Groza Operano Sheng skin. Not only that, there are many other prizes that you can get.

Groza Operano Sheng gun skin and lots of free gifts Here! Along with the release of the latest patch version Free Fire (FF) OB34 yesterday, May 25 2022, Clash Squad also officially entered a new season. The presence of this new season means that all player achievements in season 12 have been reset and players will increase their rating from the start.

However, the struggles of the players last season were not in vain. Garena gives rewards to every player who reaches a rank. Of course, there are three good items that players get for free when they enter season 13 of CS Rank this season.

It includes the Groza Operano Sheng skin as well as 2 special free FF emotion reviews. Come on, see the following explanation!

Skin Groza Operano Sheng

Skin Groza Operano Sheng

The three free items that players can have are the Groza Operano Sheng skin and Emote Rank Heroic, as well as Emote Rank Master. Groza Operano Sheng itself is an old thing that used to exist in Weapon Royale in the past, while the two Rank emotions are now a new thing that was released yesterday after the OB34 update.

However, these three rewards only apply to achieving a certain rank. Where the Groza Operano Sheng skin is given to players who reach Diamond Tier 1. Then to the highest level, namely Heroic. Following are the details of the achievements and prizes won by the season 12 players yesterday:

  • Diamond 1: Groza Operano Sheng (30 day trial) 
  • Heroic: Emote Heroic Rating (60 day trial) 
  • Master: Emote Ranked Master (60 day trial)

Unfortunately, these prices are only a test of character. It is not yet known whether Free Fire will offer this prize for free to players struggling to reach the top positions for the next season.

Moo Zoo Cute Chicks Bundle

Skin Groza Operano Sheng
Free Fire

Garena Free Fire has just released the latest version of the OB34 patch which officially took place yesterday, May 25 2022. And now the latest update has been released on the official server.

As usual, after a relatively long maintenance period, the arrival of an update always brings good news to all players with various available news.

One of them is Redeem FF Token which presents a new package for female characters from Free Fire. The entertainment package for FF tokens is currently available. Want to know how to get the cute Moo Zoo FF girls package? Come on, see the complete info below, bro!

You can get Moo Zoo by exchanging a number of FF tokens that you can exchange. This volume has a nice design because it carries the theme of black and white cows.

It is noteworthy that players can wear a good nightgown when wearing it. Therefore this set is suitable for those of you who want your characters to be cute, especially for players. Here's how to get the Moo Zoo package;

  1. To get the entire Moo Zoo package, you must exchange it for FF tokens.
  2. You can exchange chips for each part of the Moo Zoo Bundle and there are four different parts. To access the FF Token page, go to Store > Redeem > FF Token.

You will need a total of 200 FF tokens to get the full package. Here are the number of FF tokens needed for each share:

  • Moo's Zoo (head): 50 FF tokens
  • Moo's Zoo (above): 50 FF tokens
  • Moo's Zoo (below): 50 FF tokens
  • Moo's Zoo (shoes): 50 FF tokens

Skin Bathing Ducky Loot Box FF

Skin Groza Operano Sheng

May Free Fire updates came to join Free Fire players in Indonesia a few days ago. The presence of this event will present a number of prizes that can be won for free.

Some special missions and events to welcome the OB34 patch update which we have discussed in the previous article. Vicigers friends can follow our tips to quickly get a view of ongoing events.

For the following rewards, players will receive after completing easy-to-play missions. When ready, you can get lootbox skins special. Yes, you can get FF Leather Bathing Ducky Loot Box for free this way, Spinners!

Bathing Ducky is one of the items from the Raindoll skin series, the main part of which was released for free at the previous event.

The Raindoll Free Fire skin itself has a unique theme, namely a very cute yellow duckpop. It is incredible that this duck beauty seems to have lost in the killer figure behind the main strings.

The Bathing Ducky skin even shows a cute duck dying in a bathtub. There is a suspicion that the killer is a mysterious number behind the Raindoll Free Fire main package.

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Players can get this skin by completing Save a Friend. Here are a number of missions and rewards that you can get:

  • Save a Friend 1: Weapon Royale voucher x2
  • Save 3 friends: x3 Diamond Royale vouchers
  • Save Friends 4: Swimming Duck Loot Boxes

There are many events that occur in Free Fire, so you are happy to complete them. All of these make for great gifts, so we're keen to make things easier from here.

Then check the FFWS Free Fire 2022 event schedule to complete your current mission. To win lots of prizes, all of which we have to finish immediately to get everything we have now.

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This is information about how to get the Groza Operano Sheng skin and the new prizes that players can get by reaching the top position in Clash Squad Rank FF. Don't forget to visit VCGamers for more news follow our Instagram.

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