Rumors of Starfield Release on PS5

Starfield PS5

Maybe many players are waiting for Starfiled to appear on the PS5 console. However, there is still no official information regarding this matter.

Rumors about the game's presence on PS5 have been circulating for some time. Well, do it Vicigers If you're also curious, let's take a look at the following review!

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Starfield Release

Starfield release
Starfield release. Source: Official Site

You could say that the gaming industry now is the era of the open-world based adventure genre. All market players are competing to produce their own version of the exploration lineup.

There are those with fantasy themes (containing elves, dragons, swords and bows), historical (background stories from mythology and old history), even science fiction (outer space, aliens, etc.)

One of them which is currently attracting public attention is Starfield Xbox here Vicigers! Carrying space adventures, competition in this market share is minimal.

The only game with a similar theme and genre is No Man's Sky. And this game is far from the definition of triple-A and is said to lack action elements.

Meanwhile franchise Star Wars which until now is the most capable futuristic space title does not yet have a game genre open world. On that basis, Starfield comes with no comparable opponents.

This game is developed by Bethesda, a developer who also develops well-known first-person fantasy games: Skyrim.

Because of this, the influence of Skyrim looks quite strong in this game - giving it the nickname "space version of Skyrim".

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Microsoft Exclusive Starfield

Starfield from Bethesda
Starfield from Bethesda. Source: Official Site

Seeing that there is still quite loose room for movement, Microsoft as the parent company of Bethesda certainly does not hesitate to take this golden opportunity.

Yep, style Microsoft In this industry, it seems like they always want to make their various lineups as exclusive as possible. This is done so they can outperform their biggest rival: Sony.

As the owner of the biggest trademark in the world of modern consoles (PlayStation), the "cold war" that rages between the two seems to never end.

So don't be surprised if up to now, Starfield with all its advantages is one of Microsoft's exclusive lineup.

This game can only be played on current gen consoles from Xbox (Series X and S) and Windows platforms.

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Will Starfield PS5 be released?

When will Starfield PS5 be released?
When will Starfield PS5 be released? Source: Official Site

So is there a possibility that Starfield PS5 will be released? To answer this question, of course it is a good idea to first weigh the pros and cons.

In fact, it could be said that if Starfield is released as a cross-brand multiplatform game, Xbox will not lose any profits. In fact, it is very likely that this will increase the developer's income.

This can all be seen from the scheme of the modern console industry itself. Yep, the biggest profits from developers lie not in console sales, but in the number of copies of games available for that console.

So the more copies sold, the greater the income earned. And of course this scheme can also be applied to Starfield.

So it's not surprising that Phil Spencer is the CEO of the gaming division Microsoft stated that there would be four Xbox exclusive games that would transition to cross-platform gaming.

Reporting from the IGN page, these four games are the big titles they have. Even so, he did not dare to reveal his names.

This news certainly provides a breath of fresh air for Starfield to be present on other platforms. So let's just wait, the arrival of Starfield PS5!

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