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Roguelike Games

Vicigers You may be aware of how the popularity of roguelike games has risen recently among world gamer forums.

However, there are still many people who misinterpret the type of roguelike game, because the game combines many other genres into one.

Simply put, roguelike games are a sub genre of the type RPG games or role playing games. However, there are many differences between the two. What are they?

Through this article, the author will provide you with enlightenment about the origins of roguelike games. Listen carefully, so that you can receive the information provided in its entirety.

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What is a Roguelike Game?

Roguelike. (Source: The New York Times/Google)

Reported from Make us of, a roguelike type game, originally came from a PC game that appeared at the end of the 90s, specifically in the 1980s, called "Rogue",

This game still carries the concept of 2-dimensional pixels, or what is usually called ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) with a story background, a dungeon crawler.

Where you have to enter the dark and dangerous dungeon labyrinth to complete the mission and defeat the various enemies in it.

So, what is the real definition of this type of game?

In 2008, a conference entitled "International Roguelike Development Conference" was held in Berlin, Germany, which was attended by players in the gaming industry.

Starting from developers, publishers, and representatives of gamers were also present at that time. The purpose of holding this conference is to officially define the type of rogulike game.

The conference at that time presented several results to interpret it. Among others are:

Random Realm/Environment

You will encounter many worlds or realms that are always changing, when playing it. The purpose of creating this standard standard is to prevent players from winning the game, and make it difficult to move forward

No Reanimation, Permanent Death

Permanent death, meaning, when you run out of lives, there is no longer a way back to get the items or things you previously had. Everything will return to default.

Non Capital Gameplay

In other words, there will be no screen changes when you face the boss, as well as cutscenes to tell the story. Everything will be on the same screen.

Complex Games with Limited Resources

This game was deliberately designed to twist the players' brains. With a high level of difficulty, now you also have to utilize limited resources, in order to survive.

Focuses on Story and Missions

Roguelike games generally have the theme of monsters and dungeons, as well as the concept of "hack and slash" which means, Vicigers You must be able to defeat all the enemies to be able to continue your journey to the next stage.

Mandatory Exploration

You are required to explore as a whole, the world you visit. The reason is, when you die, the location of the item you found the first time will be different from the one this time. Not only that, the monsters that come out will be very different from before.

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Not only the terms and specifications of this new type of game, at the conference, several well-known games were also published, such as ADOM, Angband, Linley's Dungeon Crawl, and also Nethack.

The difference with Roguelite

Roguelike Characters
Roguelike Characters. (Source: Gamerant/Google)

Due to the complexity of roguelike games, many game development houses end up producing similar types of games, but with an easier difficulty level.

This type of game is called "Roguelite". Even though it still requires advanced skills, players don't need to spend tens to hundreds of hours to complete one realm, like in roguelikes.

Roguelike Game Recommendations

Roguelike Hades
Roguelike Hades. (Source: Gamerant/Google)

If Vicigers are interested in playing it, you might have to consider the games Hades, Dead Cells, Darkest Dungeon, The Binding of Isaac, and Enter The Dungeon which many people consider to be "The Og's" or original games with a very high level of difficulty.

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