6 Best RPG Games for Beginners, Start Your Adventure!

Best RPG

We have prepared a list of the 6 best free RPG games that will become your loyal friends in 2023.

These games will bring a new dimension that will test skills and captivate the imagination. Everything can be enjoyed without having to spend a penny.

Let's focus on this article and get ready to explore the best works in RPG games.

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Best RPG Game
Oceanhorn Games. (Source: Google Play Store)

Games Oceanhorn developed by confoc and bros by taking gameplay similar to the series Zelda. You have to explore the vast world of Ocean Horn and carry out various quests. Later you have to interact with NPCs to complete puzzles.

Increase your character's level by fighting various types of monsters. The combat system in this game is very simple, you only need to press one button to attack and to defend.

With 3-dimensional graphics, you will be taken to fight against various enemies with weapons, as well as solving challenging puzzles.

This Epic adventure game is equipped with a compelling story and stunning graphics.

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Beyond Blue

Beyond blue games
Beyond blue games. (Source: the gamer)

The Beyond blue game is an adventure and simulation reaction game that will take you swimming to explore vast marine life set in a future world.

You will act as Mirai, the leader of an expedition team with the help of modern, futuristic technology to be sent to investigate the sea.

You can also see various sea creatures such as octopuses, sharks, whales and various types of coral and so on.


Pepelo Games
Pepelo Games. (Source: Google Play Store)

The Pepelo game is a game designed to be played as a single player but also supports multiplayer features, in a challenging 3-dimensional world with lots of interesting puzzles to solve quickly.

You have to go on a journey to help a friend, along the way you solve puzzles to collect a number of items.

There are 40 levels with different challenges, therefore cooperation is very important to pass the challenges at each level.

With stunning 3D graphics, you can choose the type of graphics that can be used according to Android specifications.

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 Little Orpheus

Little Orpheus Games
Little Orpheus Games. (Source: steam)

The Little Orpheus game is a scrolling adventure game inspired by classic films such as Flash Curtain Platform and the light puzzle solving in this game is quite simple.

In the game you will act as Ivanovic, a Soviet astronaut who is sent to the center of the earth.

This game offers solid adventure gameplay with an interesting story and stunning visuals, the graphics of this game are very detailed, full of attractive colors with a beautiful gameplay style.


Grimvalor Games
Grimvalor Games. (Source: Google Play Store)

Grimvalor game is a challenging hack and slash platformers game with fast-paced combat in a dark fantasy world.

You will control a soldier on a quest to restore a damaged world, embarking on a journey with an immersive story-based dungeon atmosphere.

To control the character, you will use a touch screen control scheme. At the bottom left of the screen there are left and right arrow buttons to move the character]

Meanwhile, at the bottom right of the screen there are buttons to jump and attack and do Dutch.

This game uses stunning 3-dimensional visuals that are optimized for various Android devices.

Flash Party

Best RPG
Flash Party Games. (Source: Google Play Store)

Flash Party is an action game where you fight in a number of 1v1 battles with a battle system similar to the classic Smash Bros.

In this case, you will find a number of characters with different abilities to test in each of your battles.

After you try out the character that you will use to participate in the game, you will continue the game into the battle arena.

Here you have to play using the joystick that appears on the left side of the screen and the right side of your cellphone screen to carry out attacks.

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So that's the best RPG game that you can play.

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