Charlotte Build Recommendations: Artifacts, Weapons and Talents

Build Charlotte

Charlotte is a Healer who can heal a party, similar to Jean. To get the most out of it in Genshin Impact, you have to know the build Charlotte.

Charlotte also has healing based on her ATK, so the higher Charlotte's ATK, the higher the healing given.

Charlotte also has a good Cryo application in her elemental skills which can give marks like Nahida.

Charlotte's build is quite diverse, especially in the choice of artifacts. However, in this discussion we will recommend that you build Charlotte as a Support Healer. Curious? Come on, let's take a look at Charlotte's build!

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Recommended weapons

Weapon Charlotte Recommendations
Weapon Charlotte Recommendations (Source: VCGamers)

Here are Weapon Charlotte's recommendations:

4 stars

For 4 Star weapons, there are 3 choices that we recommend for you, namely Favonius Codex, Oathsworn Eye, and Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers.

This weapon is more of a priority than 5 Star because this weapon is quite good if you have R5.

Favonius Codex

This weapon is good for Charlotte because it can fulfill Charlotte's Energy Recharge needs as well as the party. You can use the passive when Charlotte crits and the passive of this weapon is triggered. You can switch to a character whose burst bottle is not yet full.

Oathsworn Eye

This weapon is very good for Charlotte because it has ATK% stats at 27.6%, this is good for Charlotte because Healing Charlotte is based on Charlotte's ATK.

Plus the passive can increase Energy Recharge by 48% after using Elemental skills. However, this weapon can only be obtained from limited events.

So you only have 2 choices if you don't have this weapon. In fact, this weapon has great synergy with Charlotte, but only a handful of people have this weapon.

Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers

Even though this weapon has HP% main stats, it has a good buff for your DPS. The reason we included this weapon is because of its passive which can increase the character's ATK% after Charlote is on file.

5 stars

For 5 Star weapons also available, we would recommend 2, namely Memory of Dust and Skyward Atlas.

But it's back to you whether you have this weapon and make sure no one uses this weapon because it would be a shame if you only used this weapon for Healer. Because these two weapons are often used by DPS who play ATK%.

Memory of Dust

This weapon has a high ATK% of 49.6% at lvl 90 plus a high base ATK of around 608 plus the passive can also add ATK% and can be stacked up to 5 stacks. Imagine how much ATK you will get if you use this weapon.

Skywards Atlas

This weapon also has a high ATK% of 33.1% at lvl 90 plus a high base ATK of 674. The passive can also be used because it is ATK% scaling.

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Charlotte's Artifact Recommendations
Charlotte's Artifact Recommendations (Source: VCGamers)

Here are Artifact Charlotte's recommendations:

4 pieces

If you want to play on a team that plays reaction, you can use 4 pieces Instructor's Brooch whose passive can give a party high Elemental Mastery after triggering a reaction.

You can use these 4 pieces if you play reactions such as playing the Bloom reaction with Freeze or you can play the Melt reaction.

However, you can also use 4 pieces Noblesse Oblige, if you use this artifact you can take advantage of the buff from 4 pieces of Noblese Oblige which increases the ATK of one party after using Elemental Burst.

This artifact is very universal for Charlote as a Healer and buffer in the team because if you use these 4 sets you can use Charlote in the Freeze team and in the Mono Cryo team.

Apart from that, if you use this artifact you can also play reactions such as melt and others. We highly recommend this artifact because it is universal.

Main Stats and Artifact Substats

Main stats

  • Sands: ATK%/Energy Recharge
  • Goblet: ATK%
  • Circlet: ATK%/Healing Bonus


  • You can search for priority ATK%/Flat ATK, Energy Recharge
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Talent Priority

Charlotte Talent Priorities
Charlotte's Talent Priorities (Source: VCGamers)

Here are Charlotte Talent's priorities:

  • You can upgrade Elemental Burst first because Elemental Burst is the key to Charlotte's gameplay.
  • You can level up your Elemental skill because the elemental skill can apply Cryo quickly
  • Normal ATK must also be increased but it doesn't need to be up to the max, just up to 6 is enough.
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That's our discussion this time about Build Charlotte. Hopefully this article can help you to build Charlotte.

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