Ascension Material Guide Charlotte, Journalist from Fontaine

Charlotte Character Demo

Charlotte will be present in Phase 4.2, but previously Charlotte appeared at an event before Fontaine was released. This character is one of the highly recommended phase 1 banners.

Charlote is very good for the current meta because she can increase the HP of party friends. Apart from that, the cryo application is very good because it uses a catalyst gun.

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About Charlotte

Charlotte is a journalist from Fontaine. Charlotte has a habit of appearing anywhere in Fontaine from the widest streets to the narrowest alleys, from the highest viewpoints to the deepest dungeons, even the highest mountains to the deepest underwater caves.

Just like journalists in general, he is tasked with finding the "truth". Additionally he captured the “truth” with his camera, recorded it in his articles, and ultimately revealed it for all to see.

And when the “truth” was revealed, he was met with reactions ranging from applause to embarrassment.

There were even some who would use any means to make certain articles related to themselves disappear, or make Charlotte disappear.

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Charlotte Materials

Charlotte Materials
Material Charlotte (Source: Honey Hunter World)

In this article, we've compiled all of Charlotte's upgrade materials to reach her highest potential, including level 90 accessions and lvl 10 talents.

You can collect the materials from now on, but there are several materials, such as the weekly boss Fontaine whose name is still unknown, which will appear in patch 3.2 later.

Charlotte Ascension Enhancement Ingredients:

  • Shivada Jade Silver x1
  • Shivada Jade Fragments x9
  • Shivada Jade Chunks x9
  • Shivada Jade Gemstones x6
  • Beryl Conch x168
  • Meshing Gear x18
  • Mechanical Spur Gear x30
  • Artificial Dynamic Gear x36
  • Tourbillion Device x46
  • Hero's Wit x419
  • Mora x7.1 million

Charlotte's Talent Enhancement Ingredients:

  • Teachings of Justice x9
  • Guide to Justice x63
  • Philosophies of Justice x114
  • Meshing Gear x18
  • Mechanical Spur Gear x66
  • Ancient Dynamic Gear x93
  • Unnamed boss ingredient x18
  • Crown of Insight x3

If you don't know how to get character materials before Furina launches, check out this list:

  • Varunada Crystal: Can be obtained from the Cryo Hypostasis boss or weekly if you are lucky you will get the desired crystal.
  • Mechanical gear materials: Can be collected from various robot-shaped enemies in Fontaine including Recon Log Mek, Geological Survey Mek, Underwater Patrol Mek, Nimble Harvester Mek, Area Alert Mek, Assault Specialist Mek, Suppression Specialist Mek, Annihilation Specialist Mek, Arithmetic Enhancer Mek, Underwater Survey Mek, Construction Specialist Mek. And can be obtained from the crafting bench.
  • Book justice: These books can be picked up from the Pale Forgotten Glory Domain in Fontaine on certain days (Tuesdays, Fridays, and Sundays). You can use 20 Original Resin or one Condensed Resin for each challenge to get these talent books.
  • Beryl Conch: can be found in Salacia Plain.
  • Nameless Weekly Boss Ingredients: You can obtain this ingredient by defeating Childe's Whale in Trounce's Domain, a weekly boss encounter. (level 70+).
  • Crowns of Insight: can be obtained from completing limited missions or events.
  • Hero's Wit: can be obtained when fighting enemies or ley lines.
  • Mora: can be obtained when fighting enemies or ley lines.
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Genshin Impact Maps

Genshin Impact Map
Genshin Impact Map (Source: VCGamers)

For more details, you can visit Genshin Impact maps to look for Charlotte material. Genshin Impact maps are maps that provide various instructions about all the materials scattered in the Genshin Impact game.

These maps make it easier for players to find the materials they want to collect. The way to do this is to go to the left and select several items, then click on them and the items will appear on the map.

Apart from searching for materials, Genshin Impact maps are used to search for chests that are difficult to find, or culus such as dendro culus, hydro culus, anemo culus, geo culus, and electro culus.

You can open it on another device or one device while exploring Teyvat.

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That's the discussion about Charlotte materials, of course it won't be difficult if you follow the acsencion material guide for Charlotte using Genshin impact maps.

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