5 Reasons You Should Use Phoveus Now!

Phoveus Mobile Legends

Hello Vicigers, you who play Mobile Legends You must be familiar with this hero, namely Phoveus. He is the 113th hero released by Moonton in Mobile Legends, and has the role of fighter.

In this article we will discuss five reasons you should use Phoveus on Mobile Legends now.

Come on, take a look at the discussion below!

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Medium Meta Hero Blink

Demonic Force ultimate skill
Ultimate Demonic Force Skill. Source: VCGamers

In Mobile Legends patch note 18.30, heroes who have the blink skill are still widely used and some are even banned during the draft pick phase.

Phoveus will be the best option that you can choose as EXP Lane to counter heroes with other blink skills such as Lancelot, Fanny, Wanwan, Benedetta, Hayabusa, Ruby, Ling, and Chou.

A tip that you can do when you want to use this hero is to try to take the draft pick 1 turn before the last pick or better when it is the last pick's turn.

Because if you choose this hero in the first turn, the enemy will be alert and give up his intention to take a hero with blink skills or even take a hero who can counter.

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Has a thick shield

Skill 1 Malefic Terror
Skill 1 Malefic Terror. Source: VCGamers

With his thick shield, Phoveus has sufficient resistance as an EXP Lane. He has the gameplay of chasing and zoning enemies with his skills and ultimate Demonic Force.

Therefore, this hero has a shield that is sufficient for defense when chasing enemies all the way to the back line and even jumping into the turret.

Even though he has a thick shield with enough resistance for EXP Lane, what you need to pay attention to here is that this hero does not have the escape skill to immediately get out of battle.

So when you are chasing an enemy, it's best not to overcommit because it will be difficult to get back together with your teammates.

But during the lord and turtle contest, you can continue to zone out the battles. Especially making the opponent's Jungler or Hyper retreat with ultimate demonic force, so they can't retribution to take the Turtle or Lord.

Quite Strong in the Early Game

Win using Phoveus to counter Lancelot
Win using Phoveus to counter Lancelot. Source: VCGamers

As a Fighter in the EXP lane, Phoveus is quite strong in the early game. With attribute and skill 1 at the start of the early game, this hero can clear minions while paying off the HP of the opponent's fighter.

When the other skill hits the opponent, Phoveus will get a shield and increased movement speed which will make him quite strong and not easy to beat in the early game.

When he reaches level 4 and can use the ultimate, you can start to rotate and gather with teammates to do ganking because the ultimate will be more optimal when done in a team fight with teammates compared to solo.

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Annoying Slow Effect

Skill 2 Astaros Eye
Skill 2 Astaros Eye. Source: VCGamers

Phoveus is known for its slow effect which is annoying because it uses it in its build Ice Queen Wand which can slow down the enemy so that he can chase opponents who run away from battle.

Phoveus is a hero who has gameplay with spam skills and ultimate, 10% slow from the Ice Queen Wand item, the opportunity to get a maximum stack of 3 layers on opponents who are hit by attacks and cooldown for 1 second.

Apart from providing a slow effect, the Ice Queen Wand also provides mana and magic lifesteal which makes Phoveus annoying.

Esmeralda is not meta

Esmeralda is a counter to the hero Phoveus, because her thick shield will be absorbed by Esmeralda. Therefore, you will find it difficult to face Esmeralda directly, making it difficult to win the lane in EXP.

However, currently, Esmeralda is not meta and is rarely picked as a Fighter in EXP Lane due to the nerf which makes Esmeralda's performance not so good in the current patch notes.

However, there is still a risk that you will face Esmeralda if you take Phoveus first during the draft pick.

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Those are the five reasons you can consider using Phoveus as a Fighter in the EXP lane in Mobile Legends now. How are you interested in using it?

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