How to Make a Minecraft Beacon 2023 Recipe

You can make the Minecraft Beacon recipe from glass blocks, obsidian blocks and nether stars. These beacons have great benefits in games.
Minecraft Beacon Recipe
Minecraft Beacon Recipe. Source: AndroidAyuda.

If you're looking for the latest minecraft beacon recipe, there are a few things you need to know. Because in this game there are many items and materials that are quite difficult to obtain.

Beacons are block building in Minecraft which is used as a sign and gives effect to the crowd or company, such as letting the company jump, increasing attack speed and so on. 

These signals are not easy to use, and once created, they require more resources to work with if you want to get the most out of them. 

Minecraft beacon recipes require resources that are difficult to collect. In order to make a minecraft beacon recipe, you need to make a monster that is difficult to kill, ie Wither

You also have to kill hordes of people to get the Nether Star which is one of the three items needed to make a beacon. Players often use beacons as beacons, where they transmit 15 beacon values from a location.

Minecraft Beacon Recipe (Beacon)

Minecraft Beacon Recipe
Recipe for Minecraft Beacons. Source: Astuce Jeux.

Making a minecraft beacon recipe is not easy to do, there are some items that are really hard to get. The resources that you can use are;

  • Glass blocks
  • Obsidian blocks
  • Nether star

Once you have the three basic items above, you just need to craft them into a perfect flare recipe. 

For glass blocks, you can collect sand and coal, then build a furnace and you have to kiss the sand in the furnace to get these glass blocks.

In making obsidian blocks, add water to the lava fountain block to get obsidian. You can add water to the pool or collect lava and water in a bucket and use it to make obsidian. 

Obsidian can be made without a skill table. All you have to do is pour water on the lava, which can be done outside of the art table. Earth stars are obtained by killing Withers. This is one group of people who must be involved.

How to Make a Beacon or Beacon

Minecraft Beacon Recipe
Beacon in the game Minecraft. Source: Brankaspedia.

To make a beacon in minecraft, you have to follow the step by step guide that we have summarized simply below;

  1. Go to the crafting table menu.
  2. Once in the crafting table menu, place 3 glass blocks along the top row. In the second row, there should be 1 glass block in the first box, 1 bottom star in the second box and 1 glass block in the third. In the bottom row, there should be 3 obsidians along the row.
  3. Just drag the newly created beacon from the crafting table menu and into the Vicigers own inventory.
  4. Done and the beacon is ready to use.

Beacons are not a required item in Minecraft, but they can be very useful as Vicigers can add potion effects to help with nearby tasks. 

Beacon also acts as a reliable southeast as it casts an unmissable beam of light into the sky, essentially advertising its exact location far out. 

In order to use and power a beacon, a pyramid structure of expensive mineral blocks needs to be built as the base of the beacon, as described above.

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How Minecraft Beacons Work

Minecraft Beacon Recipe
How beacons work in the game Minecraft. Source: AndroidAyuda.

After you know what are the minecraft beacon recipes and how to make them, you also have to know how these beacons work.

When placed over a pyramid of gold, iron, diamond, emerald, or netherite blocks, the beacon activates, casting a beam directly into the sky and giving all players a status effect within its range. 

The beam shoots straight into the sky and can be used to navigate and find where you are.

The beacon can only function if it is placed on top of the pyramid, and if it is not blocked by a solid block above the beacon. The strength of the blocks and their effect are increased with each layer added to the pyramid. 

The main effects are speed, haste, resistance, increased jump and strength. Regeneration is a secondary power.

When the beacon is activated, a vertical beam of light emerges from the beacon block, extending over the top of the world. The color of the blocks can be changed by placing stained or stained glass panels on the beacon blocks, the color will change according to the color of the blocks placed on it. 

The first block sets the color of the block, while additional blocks change the color by averaging the red, green, and blue components of the current block color. Since the blending algorithm is much simpler than skin dyeing, there is significantly more sRGB space available. 

You can experiment with stacking glasses, although programs that calculate combinations are also available. The block cannot pass through most of the blocks but through bedrock it is possible to use it at the bottom.

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